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  1. Mazin Shooni as 3-cushion instructor in New England
  2. MUST READ BEFORE POSTING - Review Section Rules
  3. Scott Lee
  4. Denny Stewart - Ohio Pool School
  5. Steve Jennings Charlotte NC
  6. Pool School Dallas, Texas with Randy G
  7. georgia billiard academy trip
  8. Fran Crimi
  9. The Tao of Brumback: My Experience with a Champion
  10. Donny Lutz, Gainesville Fl
  11. Gene Albrecht PERFECT AIM Free Phone call Lesson
  12. Karen Corr as an Instructor
  13. Stann Shuffett
  14. Lessons @ the Southern Classic
  15. Anthony Beeler
  16. Gene Albrecht and Perfect Aim
  17. Awesome lesson with Tony Marcino.
  18. Scott Lee Lesson
  19. Lesson with THE Tony Marcino
  20. 1st lessons
  21. Mike Fieldhammer - Minnesota
  22. Any good instructors in Colorado?
  23. Instructors in Thailand
  24. Tom Simpson...Beat People with a Stick
  25. Pool DrillBook - The Only Way to Learn How to Drill to Play Like a Pro!
  26. Stevie Moore
  27. CJ Wiley...Great Player and even Greater Teacher of the Game
  28. Hunter lumbardo is the best
  29. CJ Seminar
  30. Scott Lee...
  31. Stan Shuffett
  32. Any billiards instructor in Houston,Tx???
  33. Scott Lee lesson
  34. Karl Sloezen is giving lessons in NJ/NY
  35. Scott Rohleder Lesson
  36. SoCal pool schools
  37. what dvd is good learning aiming from?
  38. Scott Lee lesson - well worth it
  39. Want to find an instructor on weekly basis
  40. Lee Brett - Coaching Clinic Tour
  41. Earl Strickland Teaches the "Advanced Chapter"
  42. Allison Fisher School Experience
  43. Tom Wirth (one pocket)
  44. lessons
  45. My Lesson With Fran Crimi
  46. any instructors in PA- MD area
  47. First session with Earl
  48. Mark Wilson, Randy G, Scott Lee, Jerry Briesath & Joe Tucker
  49. Need a Pre-Shot Routine
  50. What are you doing when suddenly your deep concentration gets interrupted?
  51. CUE U - College of Billiards and Pool
  52. Stan Shuffett
  53. My lesson with lee brett
  54. Any good teachers in New York City?
  55. Lee brett;coach, instructor, player
  56. Any instructors in north east PA?
  57. How good are PBIA certified instructors ?
  58. Any instructors near Cleveland, OH?
  59. Karl Slozen
  60. Davenport Iowa
  61. Gene Albrieght's Perfect Aim is NOT an Aiming System
  62. Lee Brett Lesson Review 2015
  63. scott lee
  64. Pool Lessons in Southern California?
  65. Dr. Dave
  66. Time well spent
  67. Lance Cowles - Great Instructor
  68. instructor. ...
  69. 3 cushion lessons in houston tx
  70. Who is the best instructor in the US?
  71. Another Scott Lee Review
  72. Hourly instructors near St. Louis
  73. mark Wilson instruction
  74. Todd Fleitman Review
  75. Pool teachers wanted!!!! Get certified from home!!!
  76. Looking for Allison Fisher reveiws
  77. Tom Wirth one pocket
  78. pleasant surprise from pool lesson
  79. Denny Stewart
  80. Instructor who live in Austin or who travel around
  81. virtual billiard academy
  82. Robin Dreyer review
  83. Scott Lee
  84. Dzerkacz
  85. 3 day intensive
  86. Rod Gustafson | highly recommend
  87. mfinkelstein's pool school
  88. Scott Lee
  89. Experience with Instructor Lance Cowles
  90. Lance Cowles. For the love of the game
  91. My amazing weekend with CJ Wiley
  92. Jamison Neu "Mr. Masse"
  93. Another thumbs up for Lance Cowles
  94. Great lesson with mark finklestein
  95. Lance Cowles, PBIA Instructor
  96. The best instructor in the usa... Robin dreyer
  97. Northern Florida
  98. Pool school
  99. Instructor - Louisville KY Area
  100. Max Eberle
  101. Robin Dreyer- Learning To Be "Vertical" player
  102. Lance Cowles, Cue Sports of Battle Creek
  103. Pool School in Michigan
  104. Dropping elbow