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  1. My Junior Manifesto
  2. SoRewarding.com Raises $1,000 for the Billiard Education Foundation
  3. Countdown to Junior Worlds…
  4. Simonis $500 Challenge to Raise Money for the Juniors
  5. Locations for 2013 Junior National 9-Ball Championships
  6. I'm a junior player
  7. Professional Players who got their start through Junior Nationals
  8. 14-year-old junior raises money for upcoming Junior Worlds
  9. Top BEF Youth Players To Represent USA at WPA World 9-Ball Junior Championships
  10. Support the BEF & our junior players - They are they future of our sport!
  11. 2012 WPA World Junior & Wheelchair 9-Ball Championships Underway
  12. North American Juniors Stay Strong at World Junior Championships
  13. new commers
  14. Looking for young players
  15. Champions Crowned at WPA World Junior & Wheelchair Championships
  16. Pechauer sponsorship
  17. 2013 Junior National 9-Ball Championships Heads to Vegas
  18. SIMONIS 500 CHALLENGE to Support the Juniors!
  19. Win a $2,200 J. Pechauer Custom Cue While Supporting Junior Players!
  20. Great news Legends and Champions team up with BEF
  21. Getting excited about this.
  22. Legends & Champions Visit the Mile High City to Raise Money for BEF Juniors
  23. 7 or 9 footers for Vegas?
  24. Str8-Shots Making it happen
  25. Florida State Juniors Champions Crowned
  26. North Carolina Junior Champions Crowned
  27. Nevada State Junior Champions Crowned
  28. BEF Returns to the Super Billiards Expo in New Jersey
  29. Str8 Shots Qualifies Six for Junior Nationals
  30. seing if there anything for youth around sulphur springs texas
  31. How to join?.
  32. Challenge your Favorite Pool Champions While Supporting the BEF
  33. Wyoming Open Qualifies Four Players for Junior Nationals
  34. Dr. Cue Presents 20th Annual Junior Artistic Pool Championships at Junior Nationals
  35. List Your Junior Pool/Billiard Program
  36. Why Juniors Should be Playing Texas BumpsTM
  37. Wolford & Hunkins Dominate Juniors Divisions at Super Billiards Expo
  38. Str8 Shots Qualifies another Six for BEF Junior National Championships
  39. Lindenwood Billiards Qualifies Five Players for ACUI Nationals
  40. MA Junior National Qualifier
  41. Texas State Junior 9-Ball Championships
  42. Support the Future of our Great Sport!
  43. Str8 Shots Pueblo Junior Qualifier Sends Seven more Kids to BEF Nationals
  44. Junior Nationals Master List Online
  45. Proctor & Ott Qualify for Jr Nationals in OK
  46. WorldPPA Summer Shootout June 22-23, 2013
  47. Don't forget about Father's Day (June 16th)
  48. MA State champ and a few friends during Jr league
  49. Calling All Junior Players (Especially the Girls!)
  50. CueSight Supports BEF
  51. WorldPPA Shootout August 24-25 - Garlic City Billiards
  52. 2013 Junior National Champions Crowned: Hampton, Miller, Rivas, and Larson
  53. Pool Education for Pre-teens
  54. How to help someone with low self confidence???
  55. Billiard Education Foundation Announces 2014 Academic Scholarships!!
  56. My boy is 4 years old.
  57. Help finding junior league for a 9 yr old
  58. BEF Joins the National #GivingTuesday Movement to Encourage Spending With a Purpose
  59. 2015 BEF Junior Nationals
  60. 2014 NC JR State Championship (BEF)
  61. Junior Competition like Pass, Punt & Kick and Drive, Putt & Chip?
  62. 21th Annual Junior Artistic Pool Championships
  63. Junior National 9-Ball Championships - 2014 Finalists
  64. Predator and Poison Sponsor Scholarship Awards at 2014 BEF Junior Nationals
  65. “The Black Widow” Jeanette Lee to Speak at 2014 BEF Junior Nationals
  66. Win a J. Pechauer Custom Cue While Supporting Junior Players
  67. 2014 BEF Jr 9ball worlds....where's the $$?
  68. Buy Bullseye Billiards and Support the Billiard Education Foundation
  69. Four More BEF Junior State Championships Announced for Florida, Virginia, Indiana, an
  70. Wisconsin Junior State 9-Ball Champions Crowned
  71. Krafczik Crowned 2015 Colorado Junior State 9-Ball Champion
  72. Come Meet Dr. Cue for a Great Cause!
  73. Upcoming Junior State 9-Ball Championships Events
  74. 6th Annual Florida Junior State Champions Crowned
  75. “Dr. Cue” Tom Rossman Supports the BEF in Denver!
  76. california 9-ball qualifier
  77. CUE BAR to host Mezz ABCD No Open or Pro Players!!!! Sunday July 19th
  78. Chris Robinson! National Junior Champion 2015, is ready for CHINA!!!
  79. Drexeline Billiards to host 2015 Mezz ABCD 10 Ball State Championship No Open or Pro
  80. Support our Youth in China!!!
  81. World Juniors 9-Ball Championships!!!
  82. Wisconsin Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  83. 2nd Annual Wisconsin Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  84. 7th Annual Florida Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  85. 2nd Annual Indiana Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  86. 2nd Annual Colorado Junior State 10-Ball Championships
  87. 2nd Annual Missouri Junior State 9-Ball Championships (18 & Under Boys division)
  88. 2nd Annual Missouri Junior State 9-Ball Championships (18 & Under Girls Division)
  89. 2nd Annual Missouri Junior State 9-Ball Championships (14 & Under Boys Division)
  90. ISPA Iowa Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  91. Michigan Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  92. 2nd Annual New Jersey Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  93. 2nd Annual Tennessee Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  94. 3rd Annual Colorado Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  95. 2nd Annual Wyoming Junior State 8-Ball Championships (4th Annual Nubbins Memorial)
  96. 2016 California 10 ball JR. state championchip
  97. 2nd Annual New York Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  98. 2nd Annual New York Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  99. Pennsylvania Jrs State 9-Ball Players Championship @ SBE
  100. 2nd Annual Illinois Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  101. 2nd Annual West Virginia Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  102. texas state juinor championship
  103. Billiard Education Foundation Upcoming Qualifiers!
  104. dallas area junior pool.
  105. Illinois Junior State 10-Ball Championships
  106. Massachusetts Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  107. 2nd Annual Georgia Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  108. New Hampshire Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  109. Ohio Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  110. 2nd Annual Arizona Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  111. 2nd Annual Virginia Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  112. Connecticut Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  113. 2nd Annual North Carolina Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  114. Oklahoma Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  115. 2nd Annual Arkansas Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  116. Florida Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  117. New York Junior State 10-Ball Championships
  118. Missouri Junior State 10-Ball Championships
  119. Missouri Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  120. Kansas Junior State 9-Ball Championships
  121. Michigan Junior State 8-Ball Championships
  122. 2nd Annual Michigan Junior State 9-Ball Championships