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1/16/2015 Update. new JB 2X5 Rugged case with 3 pockets, KC cue with 2 original shafts and the Predator Vantage Shaft I won here on A-Z, J&J Maple...
1/16/2015 Update, The new JB Rugged 2X5 case works out perfectly as I keep my B/J screwed together ready for use in the case, during play or safely...
1/16/2015 Update. The inside of my new JB Rugged 2X5, everything fits perfect.
1/16/2015 Update. The inside of my new JB Rugged 2X5, another shot of how everything fits.
1/16/2015 Update. The inside of my new JB Rugged 2X5, without cues.
J.Flowers 2X4 
Giuseppe 2X4 Black Ortona 
Sterling 2X4 Butterfly
Inside of Sterling 2X4 butterfly case, perfect fit with JP's on.
Pet adoption store rescue KC with 2 matching shafts 
J&J Maple Jump Break with Samsara tips on both shafts 
Sterling 2X4 butterfly case
ChampionshipCue; this was my very first cue, it was a christmas present from my mom in December 1974, it had a screw on tip, in 1987 Wayne Gunn put a...
CarCue; when I worked downtown I kept this cue in the car for playing after work, It is a Titanium Halex that I bought at Wal-Mart in 2007, I had...
My Pool movie collection
My Sterling Butterfly 2x4 case
wayne gunn
Picture I found on line of Mike Sigel's rig
J&J Maple Jump-Break with Samsara Tip.
J&J plain Jump-Break with Magic Tip
Adam Balabushka LTD-3
Group shot front
Group shot back
Balabushka LTD-3 #5 of 100 made with COA 
Cutec 99296 Break/Jump with White Diamond Tips 
Justis 2X4 Tube case without tip tapper pouch
1996 Cocobolo with Ivory Points, Custom Cue by Larue with COA 
Kaiser 2720 Break/Jump 
Stealth AT-1 Jump Cue 
John Barton 2X4 Custom Tube style Jay...
Palmer PB-8 
Kaiser 2720 Break/Jump 
Stealth AT-1 Jump cue with White Diamond tip 
Justis 2X4 Long Pocket Tube case
Adam JR-3 1978 Jim Rempe Esquire  
Sterling Break-Jump Cue with White Diamond Tips 
Jack Justis 2X4 Tube case with Tip Tapper Pouch
Palmer Model "A" extra shaft by Wayne Gunn with Micarta ferrule. 
Wayne Gunn Sneaky Pete with Micarta ferrule 
Home made Jump cue 
1987 Custom Jay...

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