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  1. Dave Mullen's Ultimate Aiming System Video
  2. My day with Hal Houle and his aiming system
  3. CTE/ PRO ONE with Stan Shuffett
  4. Aim System or Common sense?
  5. Hal Houles CTE in detail
  6. question about SVB's aiming
  7. How do the PROS aim?
  8. Shane's system experimentation
  9. I need advice on aiming
  10. My first CTE Lesson
  11. Aiming Systems • THE COMPLETE TRUTH
  12. CTE/Pro One - Why Not Build a Physical Model?
  13. How Fractional Aiming Systems Help
  14. Which Aiming System
  15. Can someone explain why Earl used to just take one look and fire the ball in?
  16. Perfect Aim lessons in Chicago for only 1 week..........
  17. Aiming systems = totems ?
  18. Tar and SVB Aiming
  19. Aiming Method--open vs closed bridge
  20. CTE/Pro One Visuals - Do the Eyes Supply the Fractions?
  21. AZB Fund For Earl's Discussion on Aiming
  22. AIMING BY HALVES - A Fractional Technique
  23. Aiming Fundamentals
  24. Do you realie that Aiming is Intuitive???? (Type 1)
  25. Is there a common CTE focus point or final aiming point?
  26. AIMING BY FULL BALL - A Fractional Technique
  27. Why Is The "Aiming By Halves" Thread Locked?
  28. Aiming technique---Does this matter?
  29. Justifiable deviation from computational restrictive linear dispersion (Aiming)
  30. My first thread in the sub-forum
  31. Aiming and Execution in Pool
  32. Best Aiming System Ever.
  33. GB Point of Aim on Cloth
  34. what is wrong with knowing the contact point and hitting it with the cb
  35. How aiming got its own zone?
  36. Anyone interested in My CM98 Aiming System?
  37. Received my Pro 1/CTE DVD today
  38. Pro1 Evolution • 4 Bears Classic EVENT
  39. Hitting the cueball where you think you are hitting it.
  40. Where are the eyes when the CTE "visual" is "obtained"?
  41. CTE / Pro 1 & combinations
  42. What Efren said.
  43. Ghost ball aiming
  44. Pivots Different for Same Side Cuts
  45. Pivot system users
  46. Aiming
  47. How Do We Aim?
  48. Aiming 101 please
  49. On The Road Again with Perfect Aim....
  50. Hohmann Aiming Philosophy (Read Quickly Before Deleted)
  51. The Importance of Hitting Center Pocket
  52. Maybe you don't miss the shot
  53. Interesting read for aiming
  54. Basic Aiming Methods Illustrated
  55. disregard any info you may have learned from me...
  56. Do any of you VISUALIZE THE SHOT, or the OB Enerting the Desired Pocket
  57. Do odays Pros Feel The Same?
  58. Using Robots to test aiming systems
  59. An alignment method
  60. Pro One Question for Stan
  61. Aiming Systems - which one is right for me?
  62. Looking at the Pros aim from above.
  63. CTE PRO ONE going to VNEA
  64. Dominant Eye-another view
  65. Cte
  66. My Aiming Method
  67. Attention CTE/PRO ONE system users!
  68. New aiming process "Striking Line Aiming" just introduced at the BCA Nationals 2012
  69. Ron Vitello DVD
  70. A good trick for aiming.
  71. 90/90 System (RonV's)
  72. Little Joe????
  73. Is there a diamond aiming system?
  74. Do you see what I see?
  75. Aiming with the edge of the CB.
  76. My little test.
  77. Aiming with lights
  78. Parallel/backhand squirt compensation
  79. Final change to cte pro one
  80. Gene Nagy / Luther Lassiter -- CTE
  81. trouble with long shots...
  82. Looking for a aiming instructor nearby Austin,Tx
  83. Which eye goes where?
  84. Aimming question
  85. CTE aiming method?
  86. SEE-SYSTEM update
  87. Cut Aiming Template
  88. Speed pool
  89. Aiming Masse Shots Like A Dead French Mathematician
  90. My Aiming System
  91. CTE pivot
  92. Thin cut method
  93. Table Drill
  94. Instant gratification for aiming techniques...
  95. Ultimate Aim Primer
  96. Contact point on the OB, shift and pivot aiming.
  97. Overcutting Balls And Then Not
  98. John Schmidt's and Corey Deuel's comments on aiming systems
  99. Aiming
  100. Why can’t system and HAMB coexist?
  101. Edge of the cue ball (CB) aiming.
  102. Different Aiming Systems- One common goal
  103. Just accept it and move on....
  104. CJ Wiley's New Blog
  105. Is this an aiming technique?
  106. Do 3-cushion players have aiming systems ?
  107. Pro-1 (CTE) by Stan Shuffet: 1st serious practice
  108. What I Stole From Fractional Aiming Systems
  109. Aiming systems???
  110. Aiming Systems? Really ?
  111. Enough With The Aiming Already
  112. Question about using BHE
  113. Took Lessons from Hunter Lombardo yesterday
  114. aiming and deflection... for a newbie
  115. Some thoughts on aiming from a pro player
  116. are Systems Really Essential
  117. Aiming and Visualization
  118. (Not really aiming related) what did PJ do to get banned?
  119. Cutting with inside english.
  120. stan shuffett
  121. One Pocket
  122. Contact Point Aiming Illusion
  123. Question on aiming, eye perception, and alignment
  124. You can not hit a 1/2 a ball nor can you hit a ball thick or thinner.
  125. Magin of Error/Impact Zone
  126. Testing your system
  127. Calibrating Sidespin
  128. Aimpoint Reference System
  129. thoughts to consider on aiming !
  130. Distance-From-Contact-Point Aiming Method
  131. Aiming Systems - The End Justifies the Means
  132. CTE discussion !
  133. Cj wiley
  134. outside english vs inside english
  135. What aiming system am I using?
  136. Quote from Einstein
  137. Anyone aim from memory?
  138. The Zone
  139. 'accelerating' stroke
  140. Push/Pull-maybe both
  141. Diagrams for ferrule aiming
  142. Aiming well takes time.
  143. Lessons ! Just get some lessons !!
  144. Aiming
  145. aiming and english
  146. Edge of the cue
  147. English using the pivot point
  148. Sighting the ball.
  149. English with Aiming Systems
  150. CTE tuning (not pro or con discussions)
  151. See System
  152. The Beauty of GhostBall Contact Patch
  153. See. System with Ecks
  154. Carom aiming
  155. SEE System on the iPhone?
  156. Finding your natural point of aim...
  157. Cte/pro one left cuts
  158. Here's what's been working for me on cut shots
  159. Interesting experience teaching SEE and Pro1
  160. Stan Shuffett's Just Cue It Foundation Course now on the west coast
  161. Banking with CTE/PRO ONE
  162. Animation software
  163. SLAP aiming
  164. Help with comobs
  165. Side of the cueball aiming ?
  166. List of Aiming Systems & Resource Information
  167. Banks with CTE
  168. how to find THE head/eye position that gives you the perfect picture
  169. CJ Wiley's DVD#2 No Stroke Drill
  170. funny thing about aiming
  171. one rail kicks
  172. Two cues with different amounts of deflection, same aiming system
  173. Aim Draw drill
  174. Trouble with almost straight in shots
  175. Its all in the approach and alignment
  176. Meetup in Mountain View CA?
  177. The secret art of pool, "feeling the pinch"
  178. DVD # 1 Mistake
  179. What aiming system incorporates cue ball control ?
  180. One rail kick/bank...looks easy?
  181. What can you tell me about this dvd?
  182. CTE and TOI
  183. TAR Podcast Bustamante: "I just see it and hit it"
  184. TAR Podcast Johnny Archer: "It's feel what we're doing"
  185. Interesting CTE INFO
  186. Aiming - what does Efren know, that no one else does ?
  187. How many aiming systems have you gone through?
  188. playing well without aiming systems
  189. a ? for cj wiley
  190. the basis of
  191. Excited with new "method(s)"
  192. Knowing What We Don't Know
  193. I want to make sure I understand cte so that I make an accurate opinion
  194. If the shot was 100 yards away.....
  195. Visual Alignment - a few comments
  196. T ball approach to aiming
  197. What center cueball has done for "The Blade"Stevie Moore
  198. Aiming System Testimonials
  199. Learning to stroke straighter "THE BLADE" STEVIE MOORE
  200. Cte ................wow
  201. Ressponse to DTL for TOI
  202. WTH is this system Kerry is using
  203. Learning CTE
  204. What Did COREY DEUEL just say about TOI???
  205. TOI with LD or normal shaft
  206. How do you aim this shot?
  207. Cue /stick aiming.
  208. TOI question
  209. TOI CJ Wiley
  210. Aiming Reinforcements
  211. Warm up strokes or feather strokes.
  212. Thank you Cj and Ekkes!
  213. The Learning Forum
  214. Tried something interesting last night .....
  215. SEE system players
  216. CTE/ProOne Help Needed
  217. This is weird,, try this out and report back...
  218. Monovision ... WTF?
  219. TOI Sore Arm?
  220. CTE: The Nuts and Bolts
  221. CTE: The Nuts and Bolts Counterpoints
  222. Important VISUALS info for CTE PRO ONE
  223. Let's talk accuracy...
  224. Rodeny Morris Beats the 13 ball Ghost usng CTE
  225. Mike Dechaine's aiming system
  226. Videos.
  227. 9 Ball Ghost with Pro One
  228. TOI and a Z2 shaft
  229. TOI trouble
  230. How does this guy aim ?
  231. CTE / Pro one: Bridge distances
  232. Pro One Aiming with Visuals Called Out
  233. Stan Shuffett demo: Banking and 9 ball
  234. Know how you can tell the information is good?
  235. Stan Shuffett demo: 28 ball run
  236. Thoughts on video about getting Precision English
  237. Aiming in Snooker
  238. thanks CJ Wiley
  239. Back-cuts
  240. Changing my play to CTE.
  241. Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Using Pro One
  242. Watch Stevie moore usinf CTE
  243. Video about Pro One visual sweeps
  244. cte/pro1
  245. 122 ball run calling out Pro One visuals
  246. CTE: Perception is Everything
  247. More Squirt / Deflection on right english than left english with standard aiming
  248. My CTE/Pro One Struggles - Please Help
  249. Best scientific aiming explanation
  250. CTE: Visuals determine the shot solution