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08-07-2008, 01:45 PM
I will be posting this in the NPR as well as WANTED/FORSALE because I think it applies to all. For anyone who has something they can mass produce and would like to sell, this info is for you. In a nutshell, I have some associates who have all that's needed to get your product exposure to 110 million homes in Europe and North Africa. Below is a very brief description that further explains.

"We have signed a deal with a Cable/Satellite company in Europe which broadcasts in 110 million homes in Europe and North Africa. Statistics show that they have at least a 1% buy rate. Through a relationship we have with a foreign content broker out of Los Angeles, we have 100 hours of programming time with this company that they are requesting infomercials for.

Our arrangement with the company is that they will preorder and pay for an initial order. They will then pay for the encoding, translation, and air time of the infomercial as well as take care of fulfillment. The arrangement with your company would be simple, they require a infomercial of which they can air (my production company can assist you with that), the product would ship out of California to Europe and the product would have to be sold at wholesale so the company would profit from each retail sale.

This is the general and basic idea. If you could let me know soonest if this would be of interest to you that would be great. Thanks and I hope to hear from you."

I know there are many fellow AZ'ers that have things to sell and I think this would be well worth your time looking further into. 110 million households? sheesh just think about it. Is this something for a custom cue maker? No I don't think so in the least but I do think that I have seen many things for sale that definitely would qualify. PM me if you have any questions and I'll put you in touch with some very professional people involved or feel free to leave comments here and I will get them answered. Thanks in advance