View Full Version : Day 2 a the million $$ tourney!....just as fun!

08-07-2008, 08:01 PM
OK...were back!

So, we rolled in the room about 4pm, and right away we saw some of the vendors set up....like Joe Blackburn?, a few cue makers.....a couple big retailers etc. On one side of the giant room is about 50 barboxes for the APA event. At the same time as the tourney is a Biker fest happening....so their are cool bikes everywhere which adds to the flavor of the week....especially in the bar!

Next we bumped into Mr Spidewrweb himself, and we had a cool conversation about his system, and how it works.....not to mention who uses it! All the while he was keeping up to date on the Pro event and putting the info into the laptop, and up on the big....10'x10' screen in the middle of the room for all to see who's doing what. The Pros are playing each other in blocks of 25 games, and they keep tally of who has the most wins.....kinda like the Pro golf is. Any time you want you can walk up and check out the leader board....very cool!....I'll just say at this point.....Mr. Orcullo is playing very well!

Next I went our to the car and grabbed my case to hit some balls, but when
I came in they were calling for a $20 mini tourney to start, so I jumped in after hitting about 1 rack of balls......I played kinda sketchy, but was lucky enough to eek out a win......not bad for my first tourney in a couple years. The worst part was Cory Deuel was watching the last rack of my match before he went to warm up a few tables down next to Shane.....nerve racking!

Then, I went over and grabbed Spidey man and twisted his arm til he came up to the bar for a beer with us. Allen Hopkins was there telling cool stories abou t the old days, but me and Spidey missed it by a hair cause Allen had to get back to business......so My wife filled us in on a few of the details.....She was lucky to be sitting there the whole time with our buds and Allen hearing all the road stories.

after a few beers we went back down to the main room cause the Pros were getting ready to get it on. I got to watch Francisco, Dennis, Marlon, Shane, Cory etc warm up, but.....I got into a little barking match and headed to the table instead of watching......long story short I played some 1 hole badly, and my opponent played well......and I donated my tourney winnings back in the process....oh well.....I"m even for the nite, and up $50 for the day!

off to the bar again to have a couple with Allen, and his son....who is super cool, Jimmy ,and my wife......who was still at the bar cause she gets nerve wracked watching me play?..........she's funny!

so that was about it!....were home safe n sound, and ready for bed.

I'm trying to stuff all my work into the morning Friday, so we can get on back to the big show early. Wifey was caught at the main desk asking for prices on the fantasy suits at the hotel....we used to stay there a lot back in the day.....too much fun!

good nite!.....I'll be back tomorrow for day3....