View Full Version : Internet Tournament/Player Database Idea.

03-05-2005, 03:13 PM
I have an idea for a huge internet database of all the tournaments and players in the World. What i was thinking about is designing web based software that would allow every player in the world to type in thier name, location, place they play, descriptions etc. I think skill level would be too subjective and who wants everyone to know how good they play anyway. Also you could submit tournaments and have them all in a database as well. You could organize them into to different catergories, regularly occuring tounaments, and Single type events. There could be an option that allows you to select all the details by dropdown boxes and then have a little description at the bottom. Game (9-ball, 8-ball, 1-pocket, straight pool, 10 ball, other) Format (single/double elimination) Added (input box) Location (State, Province and Country dropdown boxes) Poolhall (Input Box)etc....etc...
You could have it all tied into a regional mailing list as well, so that when a tournament got posted in your area it would automaticly send you an email letting you know. You could even take this further by allowing people in the player data base to custom choose which tournaments you want to be notified about by state and provinces. List all states and provinces in checkboxes. Outside Canada, US, it would probably just go by Country. This would be usefull for people that don't mind travelling halfway across the country, and people that wanna stay in thier own state. You could even take this further by having a poolhall database as well. This would be a pretty big undertaking as it would require custom software.

What do you all think of this?

Other people have done similar things, but not very successfully. It would need great graphics or anything, just something that looks atractive and not second rate.

Does anyone know of software like this that already exsists? Is there anyone out there willing to work on this?