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08-08-2008, 11:49 PM
Hi everyone,

Awhile back I bought the PAT 1, 2 & 3 workbooks, and have just recently started working through the PAT 1 testing materials.

I understand the PAT system is big over in Europe, and we have yet to have very few PAT examiners established here in the United States. Thankfully, I have a PAT examiner available in my home state of Oregon, through Robin Dreyer. But considering the lack of any serious numbers of PAT examiners here in the US, is it any wonder that hardly anyone in the US has actually taken any official PAT tests.

A check of the PAT official website shows European pros like Ralf Soquet and Jasmin Ouschan, and Thorsten Hohman testing under the system. No USA based pros have yet to take any of the tests from what I can tell as of yet.

I am curious to know if anyone here in the forums have been working through the material, what their experience has been self testing under the system.

If there are enough of us in the forums working through the material i'd like to see a group of us communicate regularly about our individual progress, and maybe help to further promote the PAT system here the US. I have found the system useful for myself.

My last self test under PAT 1, I generated a score of 886. Thats a passing grade, but not anywhere near I want to be when I take the test officially.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's comments on this subject.