View Full Version : Adcock Custom Cues - AWESOME!!! AzBilliards Member Too!!

08-09-2008, 10:14 AM
I just wanted to drop a small post to thank "will8834" or Adcock Custom Cues for donating a cue to my brother.

There was a post in the wanted/for sale section about writing a story and even though my story was not the selected will8834 donated a cue to my brother! Very good guy and sent 2 shafts and a case!! It was pretty awesome. I think the support from pool players on this forum is pretty amazing.

I wanted to write about his cue (small tidbit) so everyone can see what type of work he does:

He included a unique flat laminated with no ferrule and he calls it his "low deflection shaft" It is also hollow for about the first six inches to reduce the end weight he stated. Very very solid shaft and I must say so it hits great!!

His second shaft with the matching collar was straight as an arrow and solid like the other shaft.

The wrap on the cue was excellently done and the cue rolled perfect. His cue hit solid as a rock but hit balls with the gentleness of a child. It was a really awesome cue.

Adcock Custom Cues can be reached @ 812-204-213 but from what I've heard his stuff sells rather quickly locally!!

08-10-2008, 02:42 PM
Hope he enjoys it.