View Full Version : What is Really Needed for Pool

08-10-2008, 04:58 AM
What is really needed in pool? IMO you have four types of players. First we need one ranking system with results of tournaments sent to one place so all the tours can share the data.

1) Top 200 or so pros that #200 seed can at least cash for expenses if he/she plays well, gets rolls, gets good draw. Have two tours like the IPT was and one like Allen is trying to do. One Central- East and one Central West. Both need to be funded by the players and qualifiers, and lastly sponsors. Don't count on sponsors. This would give pool fans a sport to follow like tennis, golf, and bowling.

2) Regional tours for lower tier pros, shortstops that can't make it on the two big tours, A and B's, and top amateur players. This would/could be like the farm system. Have rules to move them up to the top tours as they reach the top level on the regional. There are a ton of these players out there.

3) APA, Tap, BCA, Bar Leagues, they are in place already.

4) The thousands of casual players who just go the poolroom or bar once a week or less. Plenty of places for them to go already.

This would give every type a place to compete at their level and look like a sport that you can follow your favorite players.

**But we need one ranking system** Johnnyt