View Full Version : a little country magic

08-10-2008, 08:49 PM
1)turn on the tv, what do i see, mizerak and sigel, makin' history - did'nt know that i was, watchin mastery, it was quite exciting for a country boy like me....

2)so i started bangin, gettin in the leagues, i wrestled with the sevens, still they rated me a 3 - did'nt know that i was, falling helplessly, for the magic of pool it is a joy just to see.....

(bridge) i saw magic, magic, on a roll and i was tryin, tryin, to not let go of this feelin', feelin, i'm havin so i'm alright 'cause shootin' pool is my life - 'cause shootin pool is my life.

(chorus) So chalk up your meucci and spit on the floor, you'll feel much better when you get the dough, i'm firin' this barrel at who ever comes in my way - lovin' the magic of pool more each day ( repeat twice )