View Full Version : 9-ball: free stream: European Junior 14-1 Champ Stefan Nolle vs Mats Schjetne

Roy Steffensen
08-11-2008, 09:11 AM
European Junior 14-1 Champ Stefan Nolle will battle it out against Norwegian Mats Schjetne, in the European 9-ball Championship for juniors.

I don't know the age of Stefan, but Mats just turned 16. Mats dominated Norwegian pool last year, winning the Norwegian Master (9-ball), Norwegian 14-1 Championship, runner-up in Norwegian 9-ball Championship, and also a couple of others wins in Open tournaments. Mats just made 116 in 14-1.

He hasn't competed much outside Norway, and during European Youth Championship last year he played bad.

At the tables next to this match Oliver Ortmann, Nick van den Berg, Imran Majid and Marcus Chamat are about to finish their 8-ball matches, so this link is still worth a visit: http://www.regiowebtv.info/streamplayers/Pool/pooltest.html

Stefan - Mats is played on table 6

Roy Steffensen
08-11-2008, 09:25 AM
Well, you are missing some great pool if you are not watching this.

Mats Schjetne started with a break&run, then Stefan Nolle did the same.

Score now is 1 - 1

Both players seem to be relaxed and comfortable on the table. Will hopefully be a great match, with a victory to Mats ;)

Roy Steffensen
08-11-2008, 09:33 AM
Stefan Nolle hasn't missed a ball yet. Mats broke a ball in rack 3, but was forced to try a safety on the 1-ball. Left Stefan a combination-shot on the 2, and Stefan made that and ran out for 2-1.

In rack 4 Stefan now broke a ball, but was forced to play a safety on the 2-ball, which he executed almost perfect...

Pity I can't watch more of this match. Hope some of you do, this is great stuff!

Roy Steffensen
08-12-2008, 03:49 AM
I just looked at the score and Mats lost 8-5 :(