View Full Version : 40 000 watched the opening ceremony of the European Championship (web)

Roy Steffensen
08-11-2008, 02:37 PM
www.touch-magazine.net says that 40 000 people were watching on their computer, following the opening ceremony of the European Championship.

If 40 000 people watch the opening ceremony of a pool-tournament, I don't even want to guess what the numbers are for the matches, especially from quarterfinals, semis and final.

I know the numbers from the Norwegian 9-ball Challenge and 8-ball Battle of Scandinavia, since I used Kozoom TV and bwin.com for those tournament, but I am not allowed to say it. But the numbers were high there, and the European Championship is the biggest poolhappening in Europe, with over 40 countries and 700 players...

I can't believe there are no price money for this tournament... With numbers like that they should have no problem getting sponsors, imo. 40 000 watching the opening ceremony!!!

Magnificent opening celebration of the EC

40.000 users followed the show via live stream

"I here with declare the jubilee EC in Willingen for open".
Those were the final words of EPBF president Gre Leenders, accompanied by a roaring applause of the audience of over one thousand people

More than 40.000 users followed the event over the internet. It was the first time that an opening was conducted in that fashion and it will probably like the whole EC remain in people's memory forever.

David Morris was a charming and funny MC and he lead through the attractive program in a very professional manner. There were never any signs of boredom, one highlight came up after the other with an indoor firework at the end.

The evening culminated in the speech of the president of the EPBF shortly before the firework. All people present were obviously impressed. Leenders talked about the 30 years of the EPBF and honored especially co-founder Horst Vondenhoff in a ravishing eulogy.

Finally Mr. Leenders wished all participants good luck for the championships, accompanied by the applause of the best pool players in Europe.