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Roy Steffensen
08-12-2008, 03:36 AM
This is the matches from the European 8-ball Championships. It starts in about 30 minutes.

To watch the tv-matches follow this link:

Here you can find rack-by-rack update:

The following matches will be played, and the matches in bold are tv-matches.

Girls division
2 G8-053 Stadlbauer, Petra 0 vs 0 Khodjaeva, Kamila
7 G8-054 Trangard, Sara 0 vs 0 Nechaeva, Nastya
16 G8-055 Manske, Chantal 0 vs 0 Stawarz, Kinga
23 G8-056 Wagner, Anja 0 vs 0 Kobruseyva, Evgeniya

8 WC8-053 Luton, Daniel 0 vs 0 Volkmer, Tankred
9 WC8-054 Read, Karl 0 vs 0 Dinsmore, Fred
14 WC8-055 Deklerck, Kurt 0 vs 0 Tahti, Jouni
15 WC8-056 Larsson, Henrik 0 vs 0 Kimberley, Roy

3 J8-113 Hazay, Mate 0 vs 0 Lechner, Maximillian
10 J8-114 Novosad, Y Evgen 0 vs 0 Schjetne, Mats
18 J8-115 Jenesy, Jurgen 0 vs 0 Pruchay, Roman
24 J8-116 Skoneczny, Mariusz 0 vs 0 Sanchez, Francisco

Pupils division
1 P8-113 Ederer, Manuel 0 vs 0 Bijsterbosch, Marc
12 P8-114 Chawki, Jim 0 vs 0 Szewczyk, Wojciech
20 P8-115 Saris, Ivar 0 vs 0 Wojcik, Maciej
26 P8-116 Mindreboe, Kristoffer 0 vs 0 Kudlik, Marek

Senior division
6 S8-113 Gries, Holger 0 vs 0 Fransson, Tony
13 S8-114 Nowak, Andrzej 0 vs 0 Hanscho, Karl
21 S8-115 Pereira, Manuel 0 vs 0 Campagnolo, Gianni
27 S8-116 Karlsson, Kent 0 vs 0 Schroter, Harald

4 W8-113 Vania Franco, Maria 0 vs 0 Matas, Amalia
17 W8-114 Mlejnkova, Marketa 0 vs 0 Kjorsvik, Line
22 W8-115 Ouschan, Jasmin 0 vs 0 Rademakers, Melissa
28 W8-116 Benz, Daniela 0 vs 0 Schwan, Janine

And finally, the Men's divison
11 M8-SE25 Babica, Radoslaw 0 vs 0 Sudic, Robert
19 M8-SE26 Juva, Markus 0 vs 0 Svilar, Zoran
5 M8-SE27 Ortmann, Oliver 0 vs 0 Chamat, Marcus
25 M8-SE28 Beaufils, Yannick 0 vs 0 Hohmann, Thorsten

Roy Steffensen
08-12-2008, 03:38 AM
Semifinals will start immidiately after all quarterfinals have ended, and then it will be the finals.

08-12-2008, 03:41 AM
i'll be checking out table 2. :)

she's the girl i have been talking about on this forum last year when she was 12y old. topfavorit bigtime for the titel and 5years younger then the rest of the players.

Goog luck Kurt en kamilla for bringing the titel home !

Roy Steffensen
08-12-2008, 03:44 AM
I just hoped they would broadcast Novosad Evgen against Mats Schjetne... I am hoping for Mats, he's good enough to become European Champion.

I am also hoping for a final in the womens division between Line Kjorsvik and Jasmin Ouschan, with Line as the new European 8-ball Champion.

Roy Steffensen
08-12-2008, 05:51 AM
Mats Schjetne managed to win 7-6 after being down 4-2, 5-4 and 6-5 against the top Ukrainian player!

Norway are guaranteed 2 more medals, with Mats in the semifinal and Line Kjorsvik in the semifinal in the women's division.

Now I am hoping for 2 gold medals. Mats just beat one of the best juniors in Europe!!!

Some upsets in the men's division too. AZB member "marvel" (Markus Juva) lost to an unknown player and finished 5th, same did Babica from Poland.

Hohmann is still playing for a semifinalspot, and Ortmann-Chamat is still fighting at table 5!

Roy Steffensen
08-12-2008, 06:58 AM
Wow, Marcus Chamat is leading 5-0 against Thorsten Hohmann in the semifinal of the European 8-ball Championship.

He beat Oliver Ortmann, last years 8-ball Champion, and is definitely on a roll to become European 8-ball Champion again. I think Marcus became Champion in 8-ball about 5-10 years ago also.