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03-07-2005, 05:19 PM
I'm posting this on the Main Forum section as opposed to the Tournament section.

The BCA has eight qualifiers every year for the Open held in Las Vegas, four for the men and four for the ladies. According to the BCA website: "The winner of each of these qualifying events will earn a $500 entry fee waiver for the BCA Open 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas, May 15-21, 2005. Winners also receive a $500 travel/hotel allowance upon checking into the tournament."

One BCA ladies' qualifier was held in Cambridge, Maryland, at Great Slates on February 19-20, and only SIX pool players showed up. Mona Remedios from Edmonton, AB, Canada, was one of the SIX ladies who competed, and she won this qualifier and will enjoy competing later this year in Las Vegas.

This coming weekend, March 12-13, there will be another ladies' qualifier held at Gotham Billiards in North Bergen, New Jersey. The number is (201) 522-3161.

It sure would be GREAT to see one of the AzBilliards' lady players snatch this win! Landshark77, this has your name written all over it! :)


03-07-2005, 05:41 PM
It sure would be GREAT to see one of the AzBilliards' lady players snatch this win! Landshark77, this has your name written all over it! :)

Thanx JAM, but word on the street is I suck at 9 ball, LOL! I think I'm gonna stick with the 8 ball PP event this weekend. Maybe one day my 9 ball game will improve, but for now I'll get creamed. Maybe Carol Clark will get it. :D

HOB Weert
03-08-2005, 01:59 AM
Wendy Jans (Bel) will be there.

HOB Weert

03-08-2005, 03:47 AM
There's quite a few great lady players from that area, and I think this qualifier will get a good response. I sure do hope so.

When a host pool room posts up the necessary requirements to have a 2-day event like this, they are providing a golden opportunity to a pool player to attend the BCA Open. As we all know, going to Las Vegas ain't cheap by any means. It is host pool rooms like these that keep pool alive for pool players around the country.

I sent an e-mail to a few lady players I know about this qualifier. After the low turnout of only SIX ladies showing up last month to a BCA Qualifier held in Cambridge, Maryland, I wanted to post this thread in hopes it may attract a few lady players who may not have known about this qualifier. It's a sweet deal for the winner, $500 paid entry fee and $500 towards expenses for the BCA Open coming up this May in Las Vegas!


03-08-2005, 09:32 AM

Just a note about the Cambridge qualifier. I'll agree - it was a VERY small field. There were 7 ladies, but one girl dropped out during practice time (I think she was inexperienced, and decided against playing). I played in the event, and was amazed that the ladies only had to win ONE match to get in the money. I finished 3rd behind Val Finnie and Mona Remedios and I got $420!! Can you imagine! Even though I didnt win the spot, it sure was worth the trip. I think the New Jersey qualifier will have a lot more ladies, because it's more well known. I will probably be going to the Planet Pool event instead of the qualifier this weekend, anyway. I think I had my chance at Cambridge:( JAM, are you going to the Planet Pool this weekend? If so, I will see you there!