View Full Version : Super Aramith Pro

03-11-2005, 11:38 PM
Ooof - I just got a set of these. First thing I noticed is that my balls were smaller by 3/16" or so! WTF? - LOL ...that explains a lot!

I have this 'Rempke <sp> training' ball and was complaining because it was larger than a normal ball - but all the time ...the balls I had were SMALLER!

HA! - Now I "boggle" from time to time. Kool - this will mean alot to my game. Top this off with the Simonis 760 I got my I on and a little 'shimmin' on the rails and I'll have a tough playin' table.

I miscued a coulple of times too.

These Supers roll MUCH further than the previous set I had. Plus I notice that the rails play better/faster because the ball height is more aligned with the rail than the smaller balls were.

Sheesh - with all the folks that have played on my table ...noBody had noticed that the balls were smaller than normal.

*Correction* - about 3/32 in different (slightly less than an 1/8").