View Full Version : StraightPoolIU - Is this the IU Pool Club?

04-05-2005, 03:28 PM
StraightPoolIU has joined the forum. I believe he belongs to the Indiana University pool club (there wasn't one when I was there in the early 70's). What is the purpose of this club? How many members? Do you play ACU tournaments? What games? Where do you play? At least the Hoosiers on the board are fairly interested. Its good to see young people involved in the sport (or should I say game :) :) ).

04-05-2005, 04:39 PM
Well it was just started a couple of months ago, and the basic purpose of the club is to drive up interest of the game on campus, improve the playing skills of the members and to have a place to meet fellow billiardphiles on campus. We meet every Wednesday from 6-8 and Saturday from 2-4 in the Union and we have currently anywhere from 6-10 member that show up each week. We haven't really done much promotion yet (We're supposed to have an article in the paper coming soon.) I think the idea in the future is to get a team together to play some ACU tournaments...I know there has been talk about going to one in Michigan. But, right now we're just trying to attract more members and with a little effort I think we can accomplish that. Who'd want t o pass up free pool right? As far as games go we'll play pretty much anything 8, 9, cut throat (ugh), but me and the president, John, like to play 14.1 (my personal favorite).