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10-27-2008, 09:45 AM
Any cue purchased off my web site will be coated with Shaft Freeze. This revolutionary new material will not only keep shafts clean, and promotes stabilization, it will stay slick as long as it is not removed with an abrasive, (scotch bright, sand paper or abrasive compounds). It cannot be worn off through playing, it will not crack or chip. My cues will not take on chalk and dirt for at least 2 years, it might last much longer, but as new as the product is, it is impossible to predict the actual life of the product. I will give it a 2 year warranty. This warranty will not cover nicks or removing the coating. Even if it is accidentally dented which might break through the finish a replacement coat is easily applied to make it look like new again. Most important is the stabilization feature of my new Shaft freeze. It keeps out moisture to promote non movement and is very slick to stroke. Shaft Freeze and my new patented ferrule/tip, only available to Gulyassy Cues will ensure a powerful, controlled break that is available on my web site babysproshop.com ready to ship.

10-27-2008, 09:58 AM
That sounds great. I have to clean my shaft every day or two to keep the chalk residue from turning my shaft blue!
Your break cue is at the top of my list of possible break cues to purchase.