View Full Version : UPA - A new look

04-07-2005, 06:43 AM
Maybe it is time to stop equating the UPA with Charlie Williams and start equating it their new President Robert Lipson.

I was just on their website and it really does show some promise. I see that they will (are) printing a newsletter again. And in it there is an article by President Lipson.

They have secured a sponsor - Amber Bock - which is quite an accomplishment. Now if their membership will just help the sponsor that would be nice.

And after all the talk about the World Summit in New York and the US Pro Tour in La being in conflict with other tournaments in all actuality everyone knew that these tournaments were going to be scheduled but it was just the dates that were not secure. And the big plus with these tournaments is that they will be televised on ESPN. So you can't blame the UPA for the dates - they have to go with what is available for both the arena and ESPN.

At least now the UPA is offering something to their members. Live TV. You think that is not important? Just look at Danny Basavich - would he be the next millionaire if it were not for his TV appearance. And his famous eyes.

Now if Lipson and Behrman can get together and work something out where the US Open would be a certified event then I could really see a future for the professional pool players. Because, let's face it, the US Open is looked forward to by fans and players alike. Maybe the requirements for certification should be reviewed to allow more events to be certified. Once you get more events on board you can tighten up the requirements in future years.

Same thing for the DCC.

And of course I hope that now that Charlie Williams is not the head of the UPA perhaps Lipson can reach out to Earl Strickland. Let's face it, if Earl gets on the UPA team he will bring a lot of other players and fans with him plus a lot of positive publicity. it is time to mend fences for the good of all professional players.

It is time to put egos aside and do what is best for professional pool. I believe that the time is right to get Earl back in the UPA. And I really think that Robert Lipson is the man to do that. He sure has accomplished a lot in just six months.