View Full Version : Capone cues

04-11-2005, 02:36 PM
Has anyone talked to Mike after the trade show? Hes making me a cue and i cant get in touch with him.I talked to him before the show and my cue was to be done the following week? Most of the time he calls me bac with in a day or so ,but its been three weeks ? Ive tried his shop,home and cell with no success.Does any one know if he went on vacation or had some problems? Hopfully not and i know he moved to Maryland.All i need to know is he making my cue or not? I havent put any $ on the cue .Ive known him sense 96 and consider him a friend.JUst wondering whats going on :confused: Hopfully he will call me soon no mater what hes doing with my cue.I just need to know.