View Full Version : Az billiards news feed to my yahoo.

04-17-2005, 12:57 PM
I just fount out I can get AZ billiards news feed as well as other stuff by going to yahoo.com and clicking on myyahoo and signing in. I went to "add content" and searched for the term "billiards". AZ billiards news feed came up and I went to add. Now I get this news feed everytime I go to my yahoo. Pretty cool. You can also add tons of other stuff as well like weather, CNN News, and I also added "strange news" to mine.

Heres a sample of my "my yahoo" page

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Reuters: Top Stories

Iraqi and U.S. Forces Search for Shi'ite Hostages - 41 minutes ago
Cardinals Prepare for Monday's Papal Conclave - 3 hours ago
We Have No Reason to Apologize, China Tells Japan - 2 hours ago

Full Coverage

Iraq Forces Raid Village in Hostage Crisis - 20 minutes ago
China Rejects Japan's Demand for Apology - 20 minutes ago
Cardinals Prepare for Monday's Papal Conclave - 20 minutes ago

AP: Strange News

Kasparov Hit Over Head With Chessboard - 17 hours ago
Surfer Fights Off Shark, Keeps Surfing - 15 hours ago
Man Upset With Penile Surgery Mails Bomb - 1 day ago
Wendy's Trying to Solve Mystery of Finger - 17 hours ago
Man Accused of Being I-65 Flasher Caught - 1 day ago

NYT Home Page

Sent to Rescue Shiite Hostages, Iraqi Troops Find None - 21 minutes ago
Arms Equipment Plundered in 2003 Is Surfacing in Iraq - 1 day ago
Cardinals Align as Time Nears to Select Pope - 22 hours ago
Stalking a Deadly Virus, Battling a Town's Fears - 14 hours ago
China's Top Diplomat Offers No Apology for Anti-Japan Protests - 21 minutes ago

New Urban Legends

Sag Harbored - 2 days ago


Find the Felines: Cats in the Night Sky - 2 days ago
Look For Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Don't Just Listen) - 2 days ago
For STS-114 Crew, a Robotic Arm Ballet Awaits - 2 days ago
Shuttle Thrusters a Potential Risk to Space Station - 6 hours ago
Space Station Crew Greets Replacements With Open Arms - 10 hours ago


Sex offender charged with teen's murder - 42 minutes ago
Cardinals prepare for conclave - 4 hours ago
New space station crew arrives - 6 hours ago
Higher salaries await college grads - one hour ago
China rejects Japan's demand for apology - 7 hours ago

AzBilliards News Feed

Massey Takes Third Trickshots Title - 1 day ago
NYC Import leads AWBT field - 11 hours ago
Lampert and Rogers Top Shooters in Lake Jackson - 11 hours ago
SML Entertainment Open 9-Ball Championship Filling Fast - 2 days ago
SE Open Tour Finale on Local News - 2 days ago

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