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05-02-2009, 11:36 AM
I just picked up an old HUEBLER from canwin. It's a pre-80's cue, making it 30 years old or so. Now I don't know where the cue's been and have emailed canwin for some more history of the cue.

If anyone knows more about this cue in particular, if its 1 of 1 or not etc etc, Let me know please! I know next to nothing about HUEBLERs and would love to know their history.

Anyway, The cue appears to have some very small holes in the finish, spattered in different areas. There are also some little 'bubbles' or white specks. I'll look more into it later but this is just from the naked eye. The entire cue is sticky. Like old sticker adhesive. What's the best way to clean it? Refinishing costs like $100+ and honestly I don't want to pay that much for an old cue I'm not 100% about keeping. I'll try to get some hi-res pics up. Thanks!

05-02-2009, 12:24 PM
If you are not sure if you are going to keep it, let me know if you are going to sell it, if so, PM me. Thanks

As for cleaning the sticky off of it, I say try a ME, if that doesn't work than maybe someone else can point you in the right direction, but I think the ME might lift the sticky stuff off.

05-02-2009, 12:38 PM
Sorry but... what's ME?

It's the blue ringed Huebler from this thread http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=137277

Honestly it's a beautiful cue. Not sure of how it hits though since it's currently tipless. It's also missing the screw on the bumper and there is a thing sliver between the ferrule and shaft. Would having this cue refinished lower it's value? I'm not looking to flip it but I feel that fixing it up would make it lose it's original feel cause I pick it up and it feels so nice! Also do you think that if I contacted Paul he'd be able to tell me what material the joint and blue material are?

Rusty Melton
05-02-2009, 01:03 PM
bencho, Looks like a production model Hubler to me. I have the exact same cue but with a bronze colored ring in mine. You might ask Manwon about Pauls history, he had a thread about them in the cue gallery a while back. I'd say a refinish wouldn't hurt the value any.

05-02-2009, 01:10 PM
Oh... I thought it was a hand-made one due to it's age. I'll PM manwon thanks.

05-02-2009, 01:13 PM
Clean old cue with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

05-02-2009, 01:49 PM
ME stands for Magic Eraser.

05-02-2009, 02:11 PM
Magic Eraser can remove the finish, so be careful. You're probably better off trying to clean it some other way. Some claim that abhesive can be remove by light oil. I normally remove abhesive by using tape, but a cue that old can have the finish pulled off by tape. Light oil like WD40 might work, but I don't know whether any of the ingredients might harm the finish. Some people recommend anything that would work on a car for cleaning, maybe Meguairs QuikDetail or TurtleWax BugOff (note: petroleum based), both work on a car's painted surface and claim they don't harm paint or clear coat.

05-02-2009, 02:15 PM
I would stay away from anything like goo-gone or tarminator. Though they work, you have a chance of messing up the finish on the cue. But if you are going to refinish the cue, I would say just send the cue in and let them refinish it. After it is refinished, then there should be no sticky stuff left. May I ask where the stickies are located? The butt I assume?