View Full Version : SoCal -- good tournament yesterday

05-03-2009, 12:26 PM
For all you SoCal guys.. Unless you went to Yucaipa Billiards yesterday you missed a good tournament.

It was barbox 8ball Race to 5 on winners and race to 3 on losers. 56 players turned out. 30 early entry or 35 day of. Also had a Calcutta.

I thought everything went smoothly and it was a good time. I dont get a chance to play these things to much so I enjoyed it even though I finished one of the money.
The finals and outcome..
1st - Bernardo "King Kong" Chavez
2nd- Nick Spano

A guy from San Diego (sorry dont know his name) came in 3rd.

Kong lost his second match and then played great coming through the losers side. I thought Nick would win but he didnt quite get there. He shot better than anyone yesterday but didnt quite get there at the end.

As for me I lost to two guys that finished well (5/6th and Kong). In my match with Kong we were tied 2-2 and I had a chance. I had forgotten it was a race to 3 and instead of taking a shot I tried a safe. Didnt quite get there and Kong made a good shot shot and ran out. Thinking right afterwards I think I should have taken a shot at the win with the score 2-2 going to 3. Hindsight is always good.:grin:

Anyway just thought I would give a little report.

Thanks to Al Moreno for directing it and Yucaipa Billiards for hosting and guaranteeing $$$.