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jersey jer
05-03-2009, 08:17 PM
Ok so i posted this weekend about nowhere to play in the Catskills and received an invite from Dave to come by Gallery for a cold one.
I gotta say thanks to Dave. What a great little room. Top shelf equipment, clean balls great lights, a nice little bar, and nice crowd. I only had a very short time to kill before i got back on the road to jersey (my wife called my cell like a dozen times wondering where i was and yes she was PO'd i got home a lil later than i told her). missed dinner but got to put my lil' one to bed.

Cheryl Your mean face isnt as scary as ya think :) but your game scares the SH%$ outa me

Ron pleasure to kill time with ya. i hope next time im a little more in stroke. After a weekend in a house with no furniture other than a coleman air mattress and prying drywall and ceiling tiles off on a ladder over head i guess i didnt embarrass myself too much. Next time i make the trip up and down I'll be sure to stop by.

Dave thanks again and good luck with negotiations with the landlord. after seeing many of the kinds of places we like to go close down in this climate, its great to hear somebody wants to expand.


05-03-2009, 10:33 PM
Thanks for the kind words Jerry . Time is tough to come by thanks for stopping by . There is always a cold one waiting .