View Full Version : poker satellites to pool comps

lee brett
05-04-2009, 10:19 AM
Just an idea i had so feel free to give me your feedback good or bad.

is there anyway of getting pokerstars or party poker full tilt etc.. to run satellites where the prize is entry to a major new tournament and its the only way to get into the tournament..

ie/ 128 player tournament
$500,000 all money generated from poker satellites where players win seats into the tournament, if you win 1 you can play your self or sell it to a pro to play in your place.

the poker companies advertise it on here im sure people would play them with the chance of playing in this...

each place costs $4,000 dollars so have $10 satellite 400 runners 1 seat or $20 2 seats 200 runners, but can also run smaller satellites etc...