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augustine tan
05-07-2009, 02:43 AM
may 2009, its a sad thing for pool,

no dates are confirmed for the world 8-ball, 9-ball(no venue).

asian guinness 9-ball tour is no longer in production.

still alot of action in america which is good. poor economy but organizations are making things happen.

the politics in philipines, didnt end with the death of edwin reyes.

cant they just sit down and settle it face to face.YEN MAKABENTA really billiards digest 2006 man of the year?

no politics=> no deaths = more tournaments in philipines =wpc 2008 wont be cancelled- disgrace


AS leaders of national sports associations (NSAs) in the Philippines, we are issuing this declaration of concern about the situation now prevailing in Philippine sports. In a series of arbitrary acts, the leadership of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) has interfered brazenly in the internal affairs of NSAs, trampling on their autonomy and rights, making a mockery of their elections and betraying the basic principles of the POC and the POC General Assembly.

Instead of atoning for their ineffective leadership of the Philippine contingent in the Beijing Olympics last August and launching a program of reform around which all can rally, POC president Jose Cojuangco Jr. and the POC Executive Board have been obsessed with preserving their hold on power and have sought to install illegally their chosen leaders in various NSAs.

They have carried out this agenda by using a resolution surreptitiously included as part of the President’s Report in the January 24, 2007 meeting of the POC General Assembly. On the pretext that an NSA cannot resolve an internal dispute, the POC board has invoked its supposed authority to mediate and arbitrate and inflicted its will on the association. By doing so, it has willfully ignored and violated our basic rule that the POC General Assembly must ratify any arbitration decision by the POC Board on an internal NSA dispute.

The list of affected NSAs is alarming and growing:

In November 2008, the Billiards & Snooker Congress of the Philippines (BSCP) notified the POC that it would hold its elections on December 5, 2008. But the POC secretary-general asked that the elections be deferred because of certain documentary requirements. When the BSCP completed the documents and reset the elections to April 29, 2009, the POC board declared that it was recognizing a splinter group’s call for a March 31 election. Just as alarming, the board mandated that the BSCP use a 2005 voting list instead of a current one in order to manufacture a dubious majority of resigned and dismissed members of the association. The POC board did not allow the use of the BSCP membership lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The legality of the March 31 election is now before the courts. Meanwhile, the BSCP held its General Membership Meeting and Board Elections on April 29, 2009, without a POC representative present. It elected Mr. Sebastian Chua as the new president.

On April 4, 2009. a national council meeting and election was illegally called by Mr. Albert Balde, auditor of the association. The WAP constitution and by-laws do not authorize an auditor to call for a meeting, much more an election. WAP President Vincent Piccio met with Mr. Cojuangco to protest the election as a gross violation of the constitution -- to no avail. The POC sent Mr. Andrada as POC representative to the April 19, 2005 election, and conferred recognition on the illegally elected officers.

All these battles and irregularities disfigure national sports today for one reason alone: Mr. Cojuangco and the POC board are fomenting them in order to keep their hold on the POC presidency, and to prevent any move to unseat him as POC president by November this year. The NSAs and sports leaders affected all happened to be non-supporters of Mr. Cojuangco.
Many in our sports community and the general public are asking: Do Mr. Cojuangco and the POC board have the power to rule over Philippine sports in this way? Who conferred on them this magisterial power that rivals those of kings and despots?

The answer is NO, they do not have the power.

First, the Olympic Charter, which gives life to the POC, does not confer this power on Mr. Cojuangco and the POC board. On the contrary, the POC resolution and their actions are a travesty of the Charter, which states that “rights and obligations are reciprocal” among and between the different constituent groups comprising the Olympic Movement.

Second, the POC General Assembly – the supreme authority in our national committee -- did not confer this power on the present POC leadership. The controversial resolution, which is the source of all the mischief, was never tabled, discussed or debated by the assembly. It was smuggled in for approval before the unsuspecting assembly of NSA presidents.

Third, these arbitrary acts are in direct violation of Philippine laws governing non-profit organizations and voluntary associations, and impugn the right to autonomy of NSAs under Republic Act 6847 (Section 13). The POC leadership has disregarded them all, outrageously claiming absolute jurisdiction over Philippine sports.

We submit that Mr. Cojuangco and the POC board have arrogated powers that they do not have, and that the fruits of their arbitrary acts must not be allowed to stand.

The situation that has arisen from their actions could not be more detrimental to the welfare and development of Philippine sports. With such irresponsible leadership at the helm and absent a better vision of the future, there is no way for our sports to go but down.

In view therefore of the gravity of the situation, we have agreed to collectively bring to light the state of misgovernance in the POC today and we will seek every remedy available -- in the Olympic Movement, in the courts and on the bar of public opinion – to effect changes in the entire POC system and set aright the wrongs committed.

We want to put in place a system where sports leaders, athletes and stakeholders can truly join together in developing the sporting life of our people, using their talents and energies to compete with other nations, instead of fighting one another.

Signed on the 6th of May 2009
at the Quezon City Sports Club,
E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City:

Billiards & Snooker Congress of the Philippines

Philippine Badminton Association

Equestrian Association of the Phils.

Secretary General
Wushu Federation Philippines

National Archery Association of Philippines

Save PASA Movement

Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines

Treasurer & Secretary-General
Wrestling Association of the Philippines

05-07-2009, 06:29 AM
Men's pool: Shame sh.it, different day.

05-07-2009, 07:12 AM
Always darkest before the dawn. Ship that.

05-07-2009, 07:15 AM
Thanks for sharing this document. It is SAD to see this kind of political activity hanging over your sport. Some structure is healthy, until it becomes a power struggle. With Edwin's murder it puts whole layer of uncertainty in this whole mess IMO. I will be hoping for a peaceful resolution to this mess for all parties involved.