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05-10-2009, 08:42 AM
If this is the wrong area to post this, Please move to correct area. But the people here want this information and I would like the correct answers.

I want to measure my cues to sell and there are a few questions.

1) Cue length is measured from end of ferrule to bottom of stick (Does not include Bumper or Tip)

2) Tip Diameter would be measured on the ferrule close to the tip end

3) Butt Diameter would be measured on the base of the butt just before the bumper (unless flared like a sailor) or is it measured further up the butt sleeve?

4) Balance point would be measured from the point of balance of the assembled cue to the joint facing on the end of the butt or is it measured to the base of the cue at the bumper end? or do you measure it either way and state in your sale thread which way it was measured? Would you need to state balance point with each different shaft if it has more than one?

5) lastly, am I missing any pertinant info (other than butt, shaft weights. I could handle those without questions)

Thanks in advance, These may seem like dumb questions but thank you for helping me get the correct info on my cues.

K.E. N.

dave sutton
05-10-2009, 08:55 AM

yout right. tip and bumper doesnt count.

tip dia i measure the the bottom of ferrule near wood.

joint dia closest to end.

butt dia closest to end

balance point i measure from back of the cue to the balance point. usually between 18-19.5 inches

as for other. weigh each part together and apart

like this...
butt 15.5oz
shaft a 3.5oz @12.96mm
shaft b 3.6oz @13.05mm
together 19oz-19.1oz

the more info the better and be as accurate as possible for less confusion.

here is one of my old FS threads as an example


05-10-2009, 09:03 AM
1. Yes

2. I usually measure closer to the wood at the base of the ferrule.

3. Yes, but many people also want to know the diameter at the base of the wrap.

4. Balance point is measured from the end of the butt cap towards the joint. If one shaft is significantly heavier than the other, then yes, you should give it with both. Personally, this measurement is not one that I give a lot of attention to, as long as the cue feels well balanced when put together, but it seems very important to some people.

5. In general, that covers it. Ferrule type, tip type, if known. Possibly the joint measurement, if someone wants to know if an aftermarket shaft will mate up.