View Full Version : Fisher Cue's Booth at the VNEA & ACS tournaments in VEGAS

05-17-2009, 04:18 PM
Hello Everyone,

If your going to Vegas for the VNEA or ACS tournament please stop by the FISHER CUE REPAIR & SALES BOOTH in Las Vegas.

We not only will be selling Cues, Cases, & Accessories, We will be Doing cue repair. Re-tipping and shaft cleanings in under an hour or you get 20% off. We will have 3 lathes out there so we can service our costumers faster and more efficiently. We also will be doing rewraps, leather, stacked leather, Linen.

NOTE, if you are interested in any of the cue's I've posted in recent weeks, they will be making the trip to Las Vegas Monday morning, so any and all dealings will be put on hold until after we get back. JUNE 10 or So.

if your wanting to talk to me personaly I won't be there until friday night, my brother and a friend of ours will be there.

Hope to meet some fellow AZers.

And Good luck in Vegas everyone.