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06-21-2009, 09:52 PM
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Tracing RP’s constant stormy sports weather

Philippine Daily Inquirer
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(GRIDLOCK 7/24: As a public service, kindly advise your friends who may have read a Cityland ad in this paper on Thursday to first check on the lone narrow passage to the Mandaluyong Executive Mansion (MEM), located on G. Enriquez Street, Mandaluyong City. The giant corporation is in the process of selling a total of 450 new apartment units. Before it’s too late, prospective buyers should first secure an assurance for a wider alternate entry. As things stand, there’s already a regular clogging on G. Enriquez Street. With at least 400 additional car owners using the limited passage daily, that place may yet establish a national record in traffic congestion.)

* * *

HE COULD have protested and declared a period of mourning over the death of decency in the Philippine Olympic Committee.

In fact, the name of the POC president has become synonymous to chaos and bleak weather in the national sports hierarchy.

However, national track and field president Go Teng Kok was not yet feeling as desperate as those Iranians who have taken to the streets in an intense bid to save their votes.

* * *

“GTK,” a wily infighter, has decided to bite the bullet.

“I will just wait for Mr. Peping Cojuangco to return,” Go said.

Visibly mellowed, Go has agreed to suffer in silence.

The truth, he said, was he had actually tendered his resignation as executive assistant to the POC head.

This was turned down.

* * *

To Go’s consternation, it was made to appear that he had been fired.

GTK, said to have delivered key votes for Cojuangco in last year’s POC polls, has a score to settle.

“I have as many as 15 votes in the POC,” Go said.

What do you intend to do?

“Nothing yet, we will wait until Cojuangco returns.”

* * *

Go doesn’t hint at a showdown, or anything of the nasty sort.

Reports said Cojuangco was scheduled to arrive from Europe on Monday.

Without saying it, Go obviously felt Cojuangco has become a very unreliable leader.

In the fight for wushu alone, Go said he was able to strike a compromise between the feuding parties.

He made the contestants to agree and evenly split the remaining term between the two of them.

* * *

Cojuangco, however, failed to implement the deal.

“Now, what we have here is double standard,” Go complained.

He refused to elaborate.

But if push comes to shove, Go said his group would just declare their independence.

Those were fighting words.

But is GTK willing to bang heads with the Godfather?

Are they ready to side with a new leader?

* * *

Not really, said GTK, sounding calm again.

Who knows, maybe Go also wants to keep Cojuangco in the dark.

It could be his way of giving Peping a dose of his own medicine.

It’s like this: Cojuangco could indeed be as puzzling as Pag-asa, the unreliable national typhoon tracker.

But sharp as he is, GTK must’ve started to believe Peping can be certain about only one thing.

It’s in bringing constant foul sports weather all over the Philippines.

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is this supposed to be a haiku?

or just cryptic incoherent babble?