View Full Version : Was it the jump cue, or the jump tip?

Shawn Armstrong
06-24-2009, 10:52 AM
All this talk about jump cues has me thinking. I remember when the Mace and the Falcon J/B cues came out, people went out and got them. I had a Falcon J/B for years. Remember when the jump cue had a leather tip on it? Seemed like there was a lot more skill to the jump shot, even with the shorter cue. Then, the new wave of jump cues came out with the resin tips. Jump cue performance went freaking crazy. With the leather tipped jump cues, jump shots were possible, but if you were less than 4" away from a blocker, you weren't getting over it. Now, the phenolic tipped jump cues can jump balls a credit card width away from a blocker.

So, was it the jump cue, or the phenolic tip that gave you your jump skills? I've heard countless people say that their AirTime was good when they bought it, but when they changed the tip to a White Diamond or phenolic, the cue jumped MUCH better. To me, if it is a simple tip change that allows a prop to perform much better, it shouldn't be allowed. Otherwise, I want to get 4 shafts for my cue, and I'll change them between shots, like a golfer. This is my whippy shaft, for extra spin. This is my thick shaft for stun shots. This is my stiff shaft for long draw shots.................you get the point.

06-24-2009, 11:16 AM
At first it was the jump cue and now its the jump cue AND the tip. I could jump well before with my leather tipped jumper, now I just aim and fire.... onto the floor.