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08-30-2009, 02:02 AM
Just wanted to post some info on the 10 ball tour I am running.. Alternating between Stix and Stones in Trenton and Mr. Zeds Billiards in Bellleville

Dates: Sept. 19th(Stix), Oct. 17th (Zeds),Nov. 7th (Stix),Nov. 28th (Zeds)Dec. 12th (Stix),Jan. 9th (Zeds),Jan. 30th (Stix),Feb. 27th(Zeds), Mar. 27th (Stix),Apr. 17th (Zeds),May 8th (Finals - TBD) March's tournament will be Open handicap races to 7 and 5. Players rated 7+ and under will receive double points. to eligable in the Open event players must have played 2 events prior and have memberships paid in full.

11:00 am practice, Calcutta at Noon, Play starts immediatley after

Tour Memebership: $20, payable in $5 per event until paid in full

Entries 5/5+/6/6+ $25, 7/7+ $35, 8/8+ $40, 9/9+ $50, 10/10+$60, 11/11+ $75

Money Added: 16-20 players - $200 21-24 players - $250 25-31 players $350 32+ - $425

Handicaped races : varied depending on handicaps...tried to copy and past my chart, didnt turn out so good with spacign and what not

Alternating Break, True Double Elimination format, 1 fewer game on B-side

4 Events required for finals, 6 Events required for points fund... Bonus points received for playing all 10 events

For more information email: zeds_pool@sympatico.ca or Stixtour@sympatico.ca