View Full Version : 3 Tours in IRAQ

03-10-2010, 08:58 PM
I had the priviledge of working with one of my Perfect Aim review guys in person the other day. I had to go to La Crosse, Wi to check on a truck of mine that was stolen about a year ago. So I called Legend and told him I could stop in last monday and do a check and see how he was doing with his aiming.

I had a great time. Larrys a great guy. It's always special to meet someone that I talk to or meet on AZ but this turned out to be a little extra special. And the table was perfect.

It didn't hit me until I left and was on my way home what this young man had accomplished so far with his young life. As I was driving home I went into a little dream you might say trying to put myself in the position of 3 tours in Iraq. Three different time periods with three different periods of unrest with what's been going on over there. But in all reality there is no way to even coming close to imagining what went on over there and the feeling and emotions one would experience unless you were there. Not to mention your life on the line every single minute of every single day.

Just the thought of staying alive each day. Not knowing what could happen any moment.

It was a real honor to work with Larry and show him what I could. Somehow it seemed like there should be more that I could do compared to what these young men like Larry have done and are doing for us.

Just wanted to give a little praise and say thanks. And not only to Larry but to all the young men and women that have or are right now putting their lives on the line everyday for all of us and all the scrifices they have made.

And everyone look out. This guy shoots pretty good. Has a great passion for the game which I saw first hand. He's shooting good now and it's just going to get better I'm sure.

When you meet Larry in a tournament you better have your game face on right from the start because if you don't it might be over before you get started.

The pleasure was all mine......... Geno.............