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03-11-2010, 05:37 PM
I think this is one of the most exciting aspects of pool, right up there with, and sometimes next too, winning a big tournament. I dont mean great shots you can make at the practice table all the time, i'm talking about the ones that you make in the heat of battle when it counts. Could be a great safety, or a great pot. Sometimes safety isnt an option and your left with a do or die shot. Maybe your feeling more aggressive and just feel like going for it. Whatever the reason, what are some of the great shots you have made or seen when it counts? This is one i made the other night at league playoffs that felt real good. As i was thinking of safety ideas, I remembered that a shot like this came up in last years Mosconi cup. http://www.youtube.com/user/snookeram#p/u/106/BN_ECQNMe5s At the 5 min. mark. I took a deep breath, fired it in, and went 5 rails for perfect shape. Some wins just feel better than others. http://CueTable.com/P/?@4HSYg4LKbe1ORfJ4PYiq1jRfJ1jcxt4kYiq4kQxH2kaxd1kD xi1kbXW3kbIH3kIOl3kDpD2uBnT@

03-11-2010, 09:21 PM
I always liked that shot too. It comes up a lot but weirdly a lot of people don't see it. They try to play it with low left and screw the pooch, unless their last name happens to be deuel or something.

Here's one I made in league finals. It's a routine shot but not when you're straight in and a bit treetopped over another ball, and you have a limited position window. Guys at the next table who I didn't even know complimented me on it. Felt good.

http://CueTable.com/P/?@1AVsG3HSdp4IBIE4JLrO3KXwl3NBCf4OTWX4PDTO1UVsG1Uc Ii4kDTO1kVSt1kXQl1kbfy4kWVk@

03-11-2010, 10:17 PM

Not really much under pressure but I pulled this one on my son tonight. It I was giving him the 6 out and I over rolled the CB about 3 inches and was hooked. So I went 3 rails making the 8 and then the 9 for the game. We was on a race to 5 Score was 4-3 me. (plus I gave him two games on the wire) Of course even though I have him a major spot I still would have never heard the end of it if he had won.

He wasn't very happy that I made the 8 on a 3 rail kick...

http://CueTable.com/P/?@3HSSe4IVsG4QXfp4SFFJ4lXfp2lbPp2lJdl1lbUi3lPpY3lQ We@

Mike in MN
03-11-2010, 11:56 PM
To the OP, that is a very well executed shot. I had a nice one of my own Monday night at my league.

http://CueTable.com/P/?@3CQIm1HTAc3IPfu1JNWi2LFoK4NNCY4PCES3WQIm3WQpo3Wd YB2WdxB4kCES3kOEm4kLAr4kcnc2kFrX4uCUO@

Like you said, it's one thing to do these kinds of shots when you're messing around on a practice table, but when you do it and make it count, it feels even sweeter.