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03-14-2010, 07:55 AM
With all the technology out there, how would a novice pool player know what cue would be best. I mean you see alot of the Obs, Preds and others on custom cues and high end production cues.
Does the butt of the cue actually make that much of a difference or is it primary in the shaft and tip?

So my question is how is one to know what combo to buy?

I dont know alot of people in the business and am not able to try out cues.

Could someone give there opinion of the top 5 combonations of butts and shafts

thanks in advance

03-14-2010, 08:22 AM
For a novice player, cue selection should not be of any concern. Anything that is straight with materials and construction of decent quality will do. I recommend McDermott for those that like a softer feel and Lucassi for a firmer hit. Both offer good value.

The vast majority of a cues playing characteristics come from the shaft and tip. Different joint materials add (or take away) to the feedback in the grip hand (feel) but don't really affect how much or little action you can get.

I personally use an OB2 on a Schon butt. The OB lets me get more spin with less effort that a normal shaft and it has less squirt. These are attributes that typically can only be appreciated by players that are more experienced.

03-14-2010, 08:57 AM
order of importance of stick characteristics for ME

1. cue butt weight and balance point. (balance point differences can make a 19oz cue play more like a 17 or a 21 oz to me)

2. Shaft diameter and taper. (for a new, male player, i would recommend a 12.75mm with pro taper)

3. tip. ive mostly used triangles. however i've recently tried everest and lol, elk masters. the everest is better for me than the triangle. i really like the soft elk master too.

4. wrap. only used irish linen for years. recently got my first cue with leather and i will never go back to irish linen.

find somewhere that sells cues and lets people try them on site. even if it is a long drive. do it. try a bunch out. one of them will just feel right. that's the cue for you.