View Full Version : European Qualifiers for the WPM in vegas

03-15-2010, 03:37 AM
Hey all,

last weekend the second qualifier for a spot in the upcoming World Pool Masters in Vegas was held in my home country.

The tournament was played in The loft, a 1y young poolclub in the city of leuven.

Players from all over europe where there.
France, Holland, luxemburg, Belgium, Germany,

At the end it came down to these 4 players, where one will win his spot in the WPM.

Quarter Finals, single elimination:

Kay Reike (D) 2-9 Noel Bruynooghe (B)
Jo Graff (LUX) 1-9 Pascal Budo (B)
Serge Das (B) 9-8 Ivar Saris (NL)
Sascha Tege (D) 8-9 Gijs van Helmond (NL)

Semi Finals 'BENELUX DERBY':

Noel Bruynooghe (B) - Pascal Budo (B)
Serge Das (B) - Gijs van Helmond (NL)

Im so glad to see 3 of my fellow friends in the semi's.
In the finals Noel "Goldeneye" Bruynooghe won it from Gijs.

he probably had an extra motivation as he asked his wife to mary him, and they always wanted to do it in Vegas. :D Call it destiny?

I wish him the very best, and i hope he will play his A-game.

ps the 2d qualifier one week earlyer was in Holland was won by Huidji See who beat another Belgium player Serge Das 11-9 in the finals.