View Full Version : Subway Pool Room in Texarkana, Arkansas

03-15-2010, 10:53 AM
Is there anyone left that can remember this old pool room in Texarkana? It was located across from the old union station train depot. I was talking with Ralph Braswell a former owner of a pool room in Beaumont, Texas. Yes he used to stake Tommy Sanders. Ralph was real good friends with BB Lary (deceased) former owner of subway. Ralph said around 1942 Cotton Hankins was the best player out of Subway sadly enough he was killed in an Arkansas prison. He told us one story of when New York Fats came into Subway and threw $5k on the table and said get me someone to play, and ended up losing $1k to Guy Wicher then left town real quick. One other thing Ralf remembered about BB was that he was real good with a pair of dice, said he could walk the scales almost every time. Subway also had a house racker called "Eight Ball" and it cost 5 cents a game in 1942. Ralph was curious if there was anyone left that had some old stories that happened there or if you just remembered the place.