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Marie's husband
06-22-2010, 04:13 PM
Just ranting a little bit.

I saw a post on here earlier about the "Best and Cheapest pool product websites" and it made me wonder about which websites actually contribute to local/regional tournaments/charities etc.?

I am thinking that AZB is the #1 resource/website for pool, but I wonder if anyone actually knows who the top 5 sponsor's are within the US?

I have seen a few of these websites listed on homepages of many different tours and for me personally, I would try and support these websites/companies because they are giving back to the game.

Now, I have no clue how much $$$ they are actually contributing to each and every tournament, but at least they are contributing. Also, I am not saying pay $500 for a cue that you can get for $300 on another site, but I would contact the higher priced website and see if they would at least match the price. I feel that if we do not use the companies that are giving back to the game then we are "Cutting off the hands that Feed us".

This is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to there own, but thanks for reading.