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fish on
06-23-2010, 05:10 AM
Flights are going up less planes less discounts!
Booked early got good deal Usair on travelocity non-stop philly 378
wed 7am ns 18th aug to 230 ns 28th sat
signed up for farefinder and checked it out on sunday morn for deal thx farefinder!
10 nts at tower circus circus 334 wow
Signed up for email club circus circus
checked out all their specials but 30% off deal for first booking was sent to me after signing up was the sh** !!
tower room right accross from riv 2 double beds room with a view please!
booked 4 separate times as original 7 nts 9 b then won 8 b
1st time with team
singles twice
doubles once great time
wife single once
so I know what to do!!
Point is you can book rooms on website and cancel up to 24hr before no problem!!
I called after flight was made and deleted sat 28th stay no problem
made flights on southwest use ding signup for sw alerts
6 people for 8b 22nd early sunday flt 1 stop no change planes
for 416
return 230pm 1 stop no change planes
rooms are booked for 7 nts for 288total
only paid for deposit 22 bucks
All these flights have went up 25%
here is what i did next I signed up for southwest vacations alert and received bonus 50 off by email
checked out package deal same flts as above plus 7 nts circus tower rm 2 doubles for 650 total
all these deals inc 5 extra circus resort fees fine print requires

I also booked 2 for same sw 22 aug to thurs 27th ret ns for 393
check out airline package deals
sign up for farefinder
sign up for circus email club

I have a few other things and deals i checked out if u want
like kady t bone steak dinner for 10 bucks
hope did not bore ya if i get busted on i am gone!!!!