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I started this thread in the Carom Forum but i really wanted everybody to see it and tell me what you think. I had the pleasure of watching Tom Rossman play a friend of mine and he went on a run of over 100 points on his first atempt at the game!!!! :eek:

I dont know if anybody has heard of this particular game but here it go's:

I dont have Cuetable so i hope this descprition of this fantastic game is clear enough for everybody to understand:

Number of Balls: (5) The 1,2,3 4 and the cueball

Object is to score up to pre-set number of points (100 to desired amount)

Set Up: Place the 1 ball and two ball at two spots on the head string
The 1 ball is to be spotted on the right corner of the breakbox.
The 2 ball is to be spotted on the left corner of the breakbox.

The 3 and 4 ball should be spotted where the break box should be near where the rack would be with 3 ball across from the one (left corner of break box) and the 4 ball across from the 2 (right corner of the break box).

How to play:

The winner of the flip or lag gets to shoot first. (All ball in hand shots must be shot within the break box including the open shot) Now this almost like snooker when it comes to point scoring and swtiching from carom adn pocketing shots. When your inning begins you must first make a carom and then you are required to pocket an object ball. If an object ball is made during a carom shot you do not recieve any points for the pocketed ball (s) (called or not) and are not penatlized. The ball is spotted and the player is required to pocket a called shot.

You get one point for the carom and points on the object ball are counted on the numerical value of the ball or balls pocketed. For instance after you make a carom (1 point) you pocket the 3 ball for a total of 4 points. The 3 ball is spotted immediatly after the cue ball come to rest and the player is required to play a carom shot to countine his or her inning. ALL BALLS ARE TO BE SPOTTED AT THEIR POINT AT THE START OF THE GAME (See above). If another object ball is occupying the spot where the ball being spotted is it is to be spotted in the next available spot (if its the 4 ball that is being spotted and the spot for the 4 is taken is should be spotted on the 3 spot and if not there then the 2 spot and so on.) ALL POCKET SHOTS MUST BE CALLED and there is no penalty on a ball made in a non-called pocket. The ball is spotted on its desinated spot and the player's inning ends. The incoming player shoots where the cueball has come to rest and is required to make a carom shot.

Any additional balls pocketed are also counted. Combos are allowed but must be called along with no other non-obvious shot.

Bonus points:

When pocketing a numbered ball you can also pocket an additonal ball and recieve the point value for both balls pocketed as long as the original called ball is pocketed in the nominated pocket.
You can also pocket a ball with a carom off another numbered ball and recieve a carom Point (1 point) if the called ball is pocketed in its nominated pocket. (you call the 3 ball in the side and carom off the 2 into the 3 ball and recieve 4 points if the 3 is pocketed in the called pocket)

You play until you reach the agreed amount of points for the match.


Fouls are pretty simple.. If you foul or scratch the cue on a carom shot you lose 3 points. If you foul on a colored or numbered ball you lose twice the value of that ball. In the cueball is pocketed the incoming player must shoot past the head string (in the box) to make a carom. If all the balls are behind the head string the ball closet to the headstring (must be the 3 or 4 ball) is spotted on its spot and the player must shoot a carom shot.

Anybody ever hear of a game like this?? Does it have a name??

Thoughts please

PS- These were our house rules. Obviously there can be many different rules and points for fouls considering there is no real standard rules for this game.

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Too many letters. It'll never catch on!

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What do you mean by too many letters?? :confused:

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This sounds a lot like cowboy pool - but with an extra ball. http://www.poolstudent.com/2010/01/31/cowboy-pool/

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Here's the layout for the balls should be: