View Full Version : My take on Color of Money Challenge.

06-30-2010, 03:37 AM
Over the past few weeks I've been watching Earl play Efren in "The Color Of Money Challenge." Last night I finished watching and I want to give my opinion of the match.

-Earl makes the game look way too easy
-Efren is a genius on the table
-Earl is the best full cue jumper ever
-Efren executes safes better than anyone
-Earl is the John Mcenroe of pool....lol
-Efren is a GRINDER
-Earl loves pool and hates people
-Efren smokes too much
-Earl is great at kicking/safeties when he trys
-Efren makes EVERY rail first ball he goes for!

I'm sure most know Efren won the match and he played great to do so, but, if Earl had the grinding ability/ mental game of Efren I believe Earl would've won by 20-30 games.

This is just my take on an awesome match by both players and I mean no disrespect to either player with anything, I just thought some of it may be funny.