View Full Version : Your favorite memorys from tournaments

book collector
09-24-2010, 01:05 AM
One of mine was watching Ronnie Allen at Gradys Legends of One Pocket I think it was Biloxi and Ronnie was playing a pretty good player and he just wasn't "feeling" it. I always liked Ronnie and I felt kind of sympathetic with him because I am getting older and sometimes lose the drive also, I was sitting right behind him when he wasn't shooting and I started talking to him about what a great 1 Pocket player he was and I was surprised this guy was outplaying him, he looked at me like I slapped him then he smiled and the rest of the match he played this guy so safe I started feeling bad for him, every time Ronnie would suffocate him he would look at me and say , "even the champions don't like it from there." he may not remember it, but I sure do.