View Full Version : Congrats Brandon Shuff for Cajun classic win !

09-27-2010, 08:49 AM
Brandon came back from the 1 loss side to get his revenge on Benny Conway jr, who sent him on the 1 loss side by double dipping Benny... Benny seemed unstoppable getting to the top of the rock...Brandon got in the zone Sunday & with the help of his MONSTER break as well...snapped it off....Good Shooting Sir !!!!:ok:

ps..Congrats to co-owner of Cuesports Nick Arcement for his 3rd place finish...not bad considering he had to run the tournement as well !

09-27-2010, 09:58 AM
Thanks for the update. Was watching some of the matches on the big truck show before the stream died. Your right. Benny Conway seemed unstopable.

09-27-2010, 10:36 AM
Nice job, Bardnon!

Pleaase don't be mad at me.

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09-27-2010, 10:42 AM
Sho-Nuff stirkes again!!! Way to go Brandon and nice bank in teh side for the win!!! The stream was fantastic and both of them played well. Benny looked really tired but played his heart out :wink:

09-27-2010, 10:58 AM
Congrat's Shuff!!!!

09-27-2010, 11:20 AM
They both were pretty damn dominating from what I saw. Finals should have been one lonnnng race. For the cheese they should have raced to 15 or something. Both played great though, congrats to both.

09-27-2010, 01:21 PM
congrats brandon on ur win now come too white diamonds an win that one :P

09-28-2010, 01:50 PM
Thanks everyone. I gotta say, I love 'cajun country' lol .... I look forward to coming back to louisianna in the future.

09-28-2010, 11:36 PM
Good announcing while waiting Brandon Shuff. Glad to see the Natural One come through with the win!!! mark