View Full Version : Back From White Diamonds

10-24-2010, 10:50 PM
i played good for the friday nite mini tournament Race too 4 winners Race too 3 losers i played Chip Compton first Match beat him 4-1 then won second match 4-2 then won next match 4-0 then i lost too JoeyA 4-1 i think or 4-2 then i lost too some guy not sure

then for Big Tournament Saterday i won my first match 7-4 then i lost too David Parker 7-3 then won 7-4 then lost too JoeyA 7-6 he had me stuck 4-2 then i get ahead 6-4 then he came back too beat me we played Really well

But over all i had fun got too meet miss Yvette an ming ng i think thats her last name if not sorry ming :( an i got too meet Stonecold from AZB an Brandon shuff an Doc an Dirtybob ............so it was a great weekend but next time i will have more things accomplished

im workin on getting my own website up an goin tooo put my video matchs an tours i will be goin too an hopefully some sponsors so this year should be alot of fun:smile: