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10-25-2010, 02:34 PM
Just got this in my email more pool to watch. Looks like for 4 days of live streaming this week starting Thursday the 28th
I watched this last year I think back in Dec. It was good

Hudson Smith

Northern Lights Shootout
9-Ball & 8-Ball
October 28-31, 2010
$5,000 added

Bonus Coverage:
Geographical Center Cup
9-Ball Thursday Oct 28th at 6pm CST
continues Friday Oct 29th til the Finish

Men's & Women's 8-Ball Divisions
Friday Oct 29th
Starts at 7pm CST
continues Sat Oct 30th and Oct 31st
Times TBA
Double Elimination
Rugby Armory
Rugby, North Dakota
Sponsored by Delta-13, Simonis and Crown Cues


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The OTBnTV Prime Time show brought to you by Tiger Products will start Thursday October 28th. We will be broadcasting from the tournament floor all night and return again on Friday for the 9-Ball finals.
We will be streaming with 5 cameras, conducting interviews with the booth cam, instant replay, picture in picture and split screen.

As an added feature the OTBnTV stream will also be seen on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/OTBnTV join us and chat with your friends while you keep up with all the tournament action. You can also watch at www.otbntv.com or www.ustream.tv/channel/otbntv-live

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Don Akerlow