View Full Version : Counting down the days.....no more leagues for me

03-31-2011, 10:08 AM
Yep, in about six more weeks (give or take) I'm done with league play. Just gettin' tired of it after six straight years without a break. I just can't fade the APA LO I have in my area, the bad sportsmanship/etiquette in my two APA leagues and my BCA league is a 26 mile (one way) drive to play four games that takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to play. I need a break. I want my life back. FTR, no sour grapes from a losing team captain. The two teams I am the captain of (BCA 8-ball, and APA 9-ball) are BOTH in first place right now. The APA 8-ball team I co-captain is in second place. I'm just ready to move on to different things. I want to play in some mid-week tournaments. I want to play more 1-pocket (learning it). I want to get my bass boat out more this year, spend more time with family and things of this nature. Spend less time in smoky bars.

I will say this, and I am NOT bashing the APA in any way. The APA League Operator in my area has been the primary reason for my declining interest in continuing league play. His total disrespect for the National rules and his arrogance towards people coupled with his stupidity and lack of "people skills" has pushed me to the brink of total frustration. I envy those in league that have and enjoy the benefits of a good LO. APA has been an experience for sure, and I wouldn't trade my time in it for anything. It's just time for me to move on and get happy again. As for my BCA league, love the format, love the people in the league (even the LO). In three years in it, I have not had ONE SINGLE INCIDENT concerning sportsmanship/etiquette, rules disputes, improper behavior. It has been great. If it were closer to home and had 5-man teams instead of 4-man teams, I would definitely consider staying in it (and probably would).

So...farewell leagues. I'm off to a new and better (hopefully) life!!!


03-31-2011, 01:39 PM
Good for you Maniac. We have some guys in our area who have home tables and get together at one another's houses one day a week for their own friendly competition. Hard to beat playing pool and drinking beer with friends without league bs. I hope you have fun and get the little guy's high run up to six or seven!

03-31-2011, 01:44 PM
I remember when I first started out in the APA ( maybe 2-3 seasons into it ) I drove to the next county to play on a friends team there. Well long story short, they are under a different LO then the one that is in this county that i'm at currently.

I was a SL 5 at that time and let's just say I went 17-1 over there ( started out 16-0 but lost the second to last one ) and probably 80% of the games were at least 15-5 splits ( my first experience with 9 foot tables ). I never moved up in skill.

Under this league, if I win more then 3 in a row, it seems I would get moved up ( quit playing due to this and other factors with the LO ). That right there shows the incredible amount of corruption that could be going on in any one league.

Ron F
03-31-2011, 01:52 PM
Take a year or two off to recharge your pool batteries, then start a new non-handicapped league. Ours is going for more than 20 years now, we have 30 teams in it, and it's much more enjoyable without all the handicap, sandbagging and LO drama.

Ron F