View Full Version : "Memebers Only Club" coming soon to Mr3Cushion.com

05-25-2011, 06:11 AM
Hey everyone, I am excited to report that coming soon, a, 'Members Only Club' page will be up on my website: http://www.mr3cushion.com.

This page will include online PRIVATE lessons in 3 Cushion billiards by myself, with Banks and One Pocket instruction by, Freddy "Banking with the Beard" Bentivegna. Freddy has 50 yrs of playing all the top players, and instructing many of them.

Instruction will include video, diagram, and text information for the members. Viewers will be required to login with username and password, a predetermined monthly, 6 month and yearly membership fee will be required in order to access all the great features and benefits of becoming a 'Members Club Only' participant.

I'll be working on this for the next few weeks with Freddy. We'll be up and running in about a month.

Bill Smith "Mr3Cushion"