View Full Version : Heartfelt Thanks to Samm Diep, Dale Shank and Fred & Sue Stoll

05-27-2011, 10:38 AM
This year I had the great pleasure of getting to work closely with Samm Diep (www.sammspocket.com) and Dale Shank (www.shankshotmedia.com). Additionally, the wonderful Fred and Sue Stoll joined us from Filmless Art. We worked together as the CSI media team during the BCAPL Nationals, the US Open One Pocket and US Open 10-Ball Championships.

It was Samm's tireless work to write the results that filtered through my desk and she shot hundreds of hours of video footage that will keep me in post production for the first portion of the summer. I hope to turn her terrfic artistic eye into several videos of this year's events.

Dale is a long time professional photographer who has taken shots for several pool magazines throughout the years. He is a dear person who strives to capture the heart of an event. Not only do I believe I met an extraordinary professional, but met a new friend.

Fred and Sue Stoll (www.filmlessart.com) joined us again this year at the official Winner's Circle photo booth. They are a joy to work with, always developing and sharing ideas. I love their enthusiasm and love of the game. The players see that in them and it is reflected in the photos they take each year at our event.

Samm, Dale, Fred and Sue's level of professionalism and consistant strive to be excellent in all they do is impressive. I look forward to having the opportunity to work again with them in the future.