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05-27-2011, 11:40 AM
The ABP represents the world’s best pool players that are uniting together for a common
cause. Over the years, players have endured many hardships and has found it necessary to try to reach
common ground between the promoters of events and the professional players. Without a voice, players
have not been able to adequately communicate and work with promoters. Promoters likewise have been
lacking in instruction and guidance from the pro players.

Some events and associations have not been able to sometimes protect the players from issues ranging
from prize money payments, equipment issues and conditions, and rules/format.
As the saying goes, “there is strength in numbers”, and this has led to the formation of the ABP.
The ABP led by some notable names such as Johnny Archer, Mika Immonen, Rodney Morris and many
others in a committe of top players unified under a common purpose:
To elevate the sport of pocket billiards and protect and assist in the well being of every player.

The ABP is an association for the players and by the players. The players now have a united voice to help
bring resolutions to seemingly never ending issuess we face in the industry. The ABP, with your help, can
bring about a positive change in a fair and appropriate manner. From standardizing equipment, rules, and
creating systems to insure the payment of prize money so the players can get paid and in a timely fashion.
The ABP is for unification. The ABP is for change. Please join, support us, and see your name stand next
to the world's greatest.

Below is a list of confirmed players who share in the ABP ideals and want to make a change now in our

ABP Board of Directors
Johnny Archer- Atlanta, GA
Mika Immonen- Helsinki, Finland
Rodney Morris- Honolulu, HI
Shane Van Boening- Sioux Falls, SD
Thorsten Hohmann- Fulda, Germany
Mike Davis - Tampa, FL
Stevie Moore - Columbia, SC
Oscar Dominguez - Los Angeles, CA
Shawn Putnam- Atlanta, GA
Charlie Williams - Orlando, FL
John Schmidt - Wheeling, WV
Corey Deuel - Springhill, FL

ABP Player Membership
*Shane Van Boening USA
Mika Immonen FIN
*Johnny Archer USA
*Shawn Putnam USA
*Rodney Morris USA
*Mike Davis USA
Thorsten Hohmann GER
John Schmidt USA
*Stevie Moore USA
*Oscar Dominguez USA
*Charlie Williams USA
Dennis Orcullo PHI
Ralf Souquet GER
Darren Appleton ENG
Dennis Hatch USA
Jeremy Jones USA
Allen Hopkins USA
*Raj Hundal ENG
Scott Frost USA
Ernesto Dominguez MEX
Huidji See NED
Tony Robles USA
Ronnie Wiseman CAN
Kim Davenport USA
Jeremy Sossei USA
Carlo Biado PHI
Roberto Gomez PHI
Tommy Kennedy USA
John Morra CAN
Rob Saez USA
David Alcaide ESP
Ben Zimmer USA
*Larry Phlegar USA
Chris Szuter USA
Art Wiggins USA
Brian White USA
Jeff Crawford USA
Bill Mccollum USA
Jeff Beckley USA
Bill Incardona USA
Stefano Palinga ITA
Tommy Najar USA
Corey Harper USA
Ron Park USA
James Barraks USA
Justin Daniels USA
Dan Wallace USA
James Roberts USA

Annual membership is $100 to join the ABP. This membership is separated into a fund that will be used
to pay all the expenses acquired for creating and maintaining a players association. The ABP is a non-
profit group where the ABP’s 12 board members are volunteering their time and effort to help change
the sport for the better.

For more information e-mail abppropool@gmail.com

05-30-2011, 07:50 AM
Glad they finally got some more members! congtrats to oscar on being elected the Secretary/Treasurer

05-30-2011, 09:38 PM
Good luck, Oscar - you seem to have the key players on board.