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05-29-2011, 03:48 AM
Actually this is a question for a cuemaker, but i want put this thread on main forum section because i want other member know and give his/her opinion on this thread to....:)

Okay i have 2 question for the cuemaker...

1. are you happy if your customer :

a. Play with your cue for a long long time (even for the rest of his/her life)
b. sell is for the profit.
c. You don't really care about your customer whether he sell your cue or play with it.

2. does it make a different for you, if :

a. your customer just asking you to make a cue for him/her
b. Your customer asking you to make a cue for him/her and make a promises that he/she will play with it for a long time and fulfill his/her promises.


05-29-2011, 06:00 AM
First, I am not a cue maker, but happen to be very good friends with one. He is in business to sell cues. That is the way he makes a living. He will not sell any cue that is defective in any way as his reputation means everything. He is a perfectionist.
Second he wants to make sure his customer is completely satisfied before purchasing the cue (if you buy one out of his shop or his booth, he will allow you to hit balls with the cue as much as you would like (we aren't talking about keeping the cue for days here, maybe hitting balls for say an hour). If you want a "custom cue"...one of a kind.... he will be glad to make one for you once a price is agreed upon.
Third once you purchase the cue, it really doesn't matter to him what you do with it, nor how long you keep it. If you sell it (even for a profit) he will still be happy as somewhere in the pool world a satisfied customer will be playing with his cue. It is a business and all of the variables after the selling of the cue initially don't have much bearing.

05-29-2011, 12:55 PM
anyone else.....