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Snooker doc
05-29-2011, 09:14 AM
Snooker tourny at Champions Snooker Houston Texas
Posted Yesterday at 10:43 PM by Snooker doc


2011 snooker tournament main event has started on Friday May 27th. I was expecting a nice professional enviornment but I was so annoyed when some customers started playing slot machines durimg the game. Man... those bells can drive you crazy, did to me.
The funny part was the entrance door chime, which went off atleast 100 times during the game creating a nice stereo effect among the two, "chime and slot machine."

I was about to snap but someone from the audinace, player, beat me to it and saved me from agoney. He got very upset and asked the house to stop this nonsense in a calm and rational manner but to no avail. Everyone just seemed to completely ignore the gentlemen as if his concern wasnt a matter of importance, which after a few short minutes caused the gentlemen to lose his calm state and become more aggressively loud but he at least waited until the end of the game. The gentlemen and the loud noisy audience took their discussion outside, which was more of a yelling back and forth than any real conversation. But at the very least, the players were allowed to focus on their match with all the noise outside, you know the MATCH for the tournament that all the people were there for in the first place. Later on during the night, I noticed people were walking out because the tournament rules were being altered. The tournament was already half way through and your going to alter the rules? The alterations of rules during a phase of the tournament is unethical and unfair towards the players in the tournament still and to those who already knocked out because now these new rules should have applied to them as well. Another example of how unprofessional run this tournament was, this alteration resulted in three to four players withdrawing from the tournament. Furthermore, another player refered to the tournament as "a joke" as he brashly walked out from the event.

I would like to pull an example from any pool or snooker tournament broadcasted on TV or held, if you will take notice the audience are always in complete dead silence. The game requires focus and concentration when playing, you cant run a tournament in the middle of a circus. The slot machines shouldnt be on they just add to the noise and distraction, leaving them on just for money when your hosting a tournament is just not professional. The event should be treated in a professional manner and respected by everyone attending the tournament. I would hope they have learned something from this experience and next time will use a professional atmosphere during the tournament and it will be setup to the standard guidelines of snookerusa.com which requires 3 snooker tables for any tournament and a professional crowd.d soon

2nd day event will be posted soon............

05-29-2011, 09:34 AM
When I played my match the machines were muted, the door chime was not that loud and the place was quiet. I didn't notice any alterations to the rules.

You have to consider that the place is brand new and this was their first attempt at having a tournament. To my knowledge this is the first tournament ever in Houston. Everyone there was good to me and I had a great time. Flaming them on the forum isn't going to solve anything.